Rumor: Eggslut Coming to the Middle East

Post by Mark

This is completely unconfirmed but yesterday I heard that a Kuwaiti company got the rights for Eggslut in the Middle East. Eggslut is an LA-based gourmet food concept where all the items on their menu feature eggs. I had mentioned Eggslut under my “L.A. Eats” post a few months ago as a place to try out if you’re ever in L.A. If anyone has any information on this rumor please let me know!

Update: It’s confirmed!

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  1. Richard says:

    Won’t there be a problem with the name here in the GCC?

  2. Ahmed says:

    Such a slut.

  3. Frink says:

    What a tasteless name. I hope they realize what it means and don’t issue a permit.

      • Abdulla says:

        No its not lame. We are a conservative culture and society and sluts are not a welcome thing here. More importantly the culture of slut glorification, by normalizing the name or concept is not accepted here. We like it that way. So stop being so judgmental and keep forgetting that you are a guest here that is welcome to leave when they dont like it. If that is lame, then we want to be lame.

        BTW> The name has caused many problems in the US too, with even NYC objecting to a popupstore with that name.

        • Mark says:

          Out of curiosity and I’m seriously curious here. Do you get offended a lot during the day while you’re going about your usual routine? I mean if you feel this strongly about the word slut in eggslut I would imagine u as a guy who gets easily triggered. Do you avoid the internet? Do you not have Netflix? How do you go about your day trying to avoid coming across what you seem to be offensive material?

          • Abdulla says:

            Its not about being offended. Its about culture integrity and heritage. You wouldn’t like it if a ‘theoretical’ massive influx of Saudi expats to Lebanon eventually results in something like mixed beaches being banned in Lebanon. You have your way, we have ours. And please stop with the predictable passive aggressive snarky tone whenever you don’t agree with someone.

            • Mark says:

              It is about being offended. Having mixed beaches banned is not the same thing as being offended by the word slut in eggslut especially when the word eggslut means somebody who’s basically really into eggs.

              And just an FYI, if you don’t like my comments here or the way I respond to people, just stop reading them.

              • Ed says:

                “if you don’t like my comments here or the way I respond to people, just stop reading them.”

                Is that their equivalent of “if you don’t like what happening, leave”?

                Totally not agreeing with the neanderthal up top though. He obviously needs to get out more.

          • Hamad says:

            Fundamental attribution at its best, Mark.

        • Patrick says:

          The slang of “slut” is not the same as what you’re assuming it means. The same way that the word “porn” is used differently these days (ex. “Earth Porn” = beautiful photos of landscapes, “Space Porn” = beautiful photos of space, planets and stars).

          No one is trying to glorify the “culture” of sluts (whatever that means) or trying to open up a brothel or something in Kuwait (even though those also exist here so…).

          It’s a pun. There’s no reason to get offended imo.

          • Hamad says:

            True what you’re saying kind sir, but the thing is the term itself (in or out of context) is not so friendly to our culture. Not in its current state. Maybe anywhere else in the world but not here that’s for sure!

        • afnan says:

          slut glorification? what r u smoking bruh

  4. lolguy says:

    Eggs Lut

    I don’t see anything wrong with the name.
    Reminds me of the guy who started…

  5. zaydoun says:

    At first I thought the name could be an issue… but then I remembered we have Scotch & Soda at the Avenues :-)

    • Mark says:

      We had “Hard Cook” on the gulf road which I think is more offensive since I always misread it lol

      • Kuwait says:

        Why would it be offensive? Cook means cook, it will never mean cock. If you always misread it, maybe you like hard cocks?

        On the other hand, slut means slut. There’s no way around it, and that would never be allowed here.

        • Mark says:

          It’s a fucking joke

          • Frink says:

            No, the real joke here is that some people have zero cultural sensitivity.

            You realize you’re defending a store called قحبة البيض

            Are you even serious with this discussion or do you just want to troll people? In what universe is this acceptable in a country like Kuwait.

            • Mark says:

              Except it’s not called “قحبة البيض”

              You can’t just translate stuff to whatever you feel like just to try and prove a point. As I mentioned in my other comment, the word eggslut here means someone who is really into eggs. Simple as that.

              But listen, I really don’t have an issue with people who are conservative and have strong opinions, I have an issue with hypocrites who pretend to be conservative but really are just full of shit.

              Whats your level of sensitivity? What triggers you?
              Does this offend you?
              Whats about the brand FCUK?

              Scotch & Soda which someone else mentioned here, is a place with a culturally insensitive name and they’re open in Kuwait. Why aren’t you outside the store with your friends holding signboards asking for it to be closed down? Because it’s easier to come in here and troll thats why.

              • Mark says:

                Just to let my other readers here know the kind of person you are. Below is a comment you left under a post of mine in which I used the word “we” to describe the people that live in Kuwait:

                “You are not Kuwaiti, and therefore you are not part of the group, and we don’t want you as part of our group. You are welcome to chill here for some time as long as you are respectful of our laws and don’t do any trouble. Know your place!”

                • Ed says:

                  Mark, its not worth it ok?

                  I mean the list of obscene things that are acceptable in Kuwait is pretty fucking long if you ask me.

                  Yet, neanderthals like the ones above need to rile against it because it was ingrained in them. Probably by their ‘culture’. But cultures evolve (and thank goodness, lest we call all Kuwaities camel herders)

                  Lets just move on.

                • Hamad says:

                  Mark what you don’t realize that the majority of the public is not very English-intellectual. The way they translate things is pretty much the google translate way. Even when they try to speak English they literally just translate how they talk in Kuwaiti Arabic to English! Let alone seeing the word slut they would feel offended immediately (the majority that is).

              • Kuwait says:

                Dude, it’s not about being offensive. Again FCUK is not FUCK. Slut remains slut, however the word is used in whatever context, and a store with that name simply won’t happen. The law won’t accept it, the majority won’t accept it, and despite the fact that Kuwaitis use gahba with other words the same way to express someone who’s really into something, but perhaps in a more demeaning manner.

                If you’re surrounded by expats and Kuwaitis who share your interests and studied abroad, remember those are not a majority. The majority of people are the ones who believe anything in whatsapp, sits in a government office, apologizes if he uses the words bathroom, shoe or an animal name if they have a conversation with you.

                • Abdulla says:

                  Exactly my whole point. ‘Slut glorification’ is the whole reason reason the local version of that expression is more demeaning in Kuwait. Because the idea of being a slut is not considered a good thing. 20 years ago that expression was also very offensive in the US, not anymore thanks to the slut culture.

                  And to the Linguist-in-chief, Mark, the expression doesn’t just mean ‘you’re really into something’, it means you’re really into something that you would do anything, particularly sexual, to have it. Its the more indecent way of say ‘I’d give my left kidney for that’. Look it up.

  6. N says:

    There’s also COS in avenues, that’s a place I like to get into a lot

  7. abdulla says:

    No “CHURCHES” Chicken but EggSlut is ok?
    Typical Kuwait…..

  8. Mohammad K says:

    I thought the name was cool, and is meant to sound like the word ‘excellent’. Now I think that I knew nothing, but I just love my innocent mind XD I really wasn’t expecting this type of debate, and wanted more info on when/where this is going to open.

  9. Alphanso says:

    Every time i see the picture i get hungry.

  10. aslawi says:

    first and foremost as a Kuwaiti I would like to apologies for the expats who are living in Kuwait as they have bein attacked lately.Secondly Abdullah whoever you are mark has spent most of his life so he shares the same childhood memories as you of Kuwait if not maybe even more assuming that you might be younger than him saying that from the way your behaving here, yes we are conservative country but we also celebrate out freedom rights giving to us by the Kuwait law but off course to a limit, and I do believe having eggslut opening here wouldn’t effect the way our country is, if so then I believe we need to fix ourselves before throwing things to our fellow expats and having such a debate over eggsluts is childish so grow up!

  11. O says:

    There is a hotdog restaurant on one of the Delivery apps in Kuwait that has a menu with items like (Dawgy Style) and in any dictionary or urban dictionary, that will mean one thing.

    Also heard like a huge rumor that eggslut is opening in Khalijeya Complex.

  12. Kuwait says:

    Believe me, once someone makes it a big deal or complains, it WILL be removed.

  13. Curiosity says:

    maybe they can add an A between EGGS and LUT and make its EggsALut. :P

  14. Just says:

    Well hard boil mine and call me papi!

  15. dalal says:

    i think people who aren’t that good in English wouldn’t recognize the slut in eegslut since its just one word but for those who will get it they are good enough to understand how the word slut is used. like and i’m not sure if people will hate on me for saying “porn” like saying foodporn isn’t a disgusting thing just used as an adjective to describe extreme and love and passion so eggslut isn’t really that bad.
    if it was in Arabic i will not accept it regardless

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