Confirmed: Eggslut is Coming to the Middle East!

Post by Mark

Back in October, I posted a rumor that the American food concept Eggslut was coming to the Middle East. A lot of readers said that would never happen because of the name, well it’s happening. Yesterday I got confirmation from an inside source that the local company Al-Thiqa (who own Shrimpy) have gotten the rights to the Eggslut franchise. They’ll be opening their first location in Lebanon followed by a second location in Kuwait. They’re targetting Q4 of this year for the Kuwait location and if their under construction website is anything to go by, the Kuwait location will be based in The Avenues.

Eggslut is an LA-based gourmet food concept where all the items on their menu feature eggs. It currently looks like their Instagram account will be either @eggslutme or @eggslutkw so stay tuned.

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  1. lolguy says:

    Said it before and saying it again, the name is Eggs-Lut. If you take it any other way, then its your mind causing problems.

  2. Yazi says:

    I wonder why US businesses like to usr “slut” ,”whore”, and “bitch” as some kind of superlative. It seems misogynistic to women.

    • Mark says:

      in this case eggslut isn’t the same thing as calling someone “slut” so has nothing to do with women…

      • Yazi says:

        True but we all know what the word refers to, even when it’s preceded by burger/chocolate/egg. I just think it’s a little strange.

        • Mark says:

          What is stranger is the word eggslut is attracting more controversy than the commercial normalizing domestic violence

          • Adam says:

            As it should! It’s far more offensive in my view. That’s not to say that beating your wife is normal or acceptable, but neither is normalizing the word slut.

            • Mark says:

              Nobody is normalizing the word slut. The discussion here is that egg slut doesn’t mean the same thing as slut even though it contains the word slut.

            • . says:

              It’s just a slang people use when they say “He/She is such a whore/slut for pizza/burger”. Stop getting offended by everything you see on the internet or else you’ll end up in a psych ward soon enough.

    • . says:

      Men can be sluts and whores too. Just because the sex industry is dominated by women doesn’t mean that men don’t work in it too. If anything, your comment is misandrist towards men.

  3. zaydoun says:

    I’m getting a visual of Beavis and Butthead:

    “he said Slut… ahahaaha”

  4. Halyoosha says:

    The name is catchy but not culturally appropriate for Kuwait. Not sure if this is true but their classic item is actually called The Slut.

  5. Adam says:

    Even in the US the name is very controversial. They had problems when they wanted to set up a pop-up in NY. The only reason the name might not be as controversial here is that word slut is not as well known as prostitute or whore or bitch.

    I still think its a very gross name, and I do think it is more misogynistic and disgusting and harmful than the domestic violence ad.

  6. SomeGuy says:

    The Western hyper sexualization of society, and normalization of promiscuity and sluttiness is not welcome here. I think the ministry just needs to get a better translator.

    I wonder that the #1 menu item “The Slut” will read like in arabic?

  7. James says:

    It isn’t enough with the “slut” connotations. Having an instagram handle- egg-slut-me would do the handle and their brand some good 😃

  8. Si says:

    Reminds me of a certain brand of smoothie in Germany who plastered “Happy F**king New Year” (without the censoring) on their bottles over the festive season. I cannot decide if it is clever or bad marketing, but what I will say is, as a native English speaker, the use of such terms in advertising makes me really cringe and doesn’t make the brands attractive to me at all. Remember the brand of frozen yoghurt “Snog”? That did not last long…

  9. Mishal F A Abul says:

    Everybody yelling slut, TADA, im here. You all used it so much like calling for Beetlejuice.

  10. Egglaat says:

    I think it should be renamed as Egglaat for the Middle East in reference to the middle eastern deity/jinni Allaat:

  11. adly says:

    Im a steak slut

  12. Kuwait says:

    I assure you the name will change. If it miraculously doesn’t somehow, I give it not more than a couple of weeks for people to blow it out or proportion on social media and the name will be changed. Then we will rub it in Mark’s face and comment on all his posts “We told you so”.

    • Mark says:

      It won’t change for sure, the place isn’t called slut it’s called eggslut. That’s like saying FCUK would change their name for Kuwait, which they didn’t

      • Motawa says:

        Your comparison is not valid man, FCUK doesn’t have the word fuck in it. But if you had a clothing store called eggfuck coming to kuwait, the name wouldn’t stand a chance. Putting the word egg in front of fuck doesn’t change the fact that it has the word fuck in it. Still, maybe bc slut is not as bad or is less recognizable than fuck, the name eggslut could make it through the cracks at first. But my guess is that eventually a hardcore motawa who is familiar with the word slut will make a fuss about it, and they will either closedown the restaurant or demand a name change. In fact I know a guy who is guaranteed to make a lot of noise about this if he knew. Curious to see how it plays out

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