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A reader who’s traveling to L.A. next week asked me if I could share a list of places to see and places to eat at. Problem with L.A. is that its huge and spread out so I’m not sure how practical a list like that could be. Traffic here is insane so trips around L.A. usually take an hour easily and most of the time a lot more than that. I’m also staying and hanging out mostly in the Armenian areas like Glendale and Burbank which are not close to any touristic spots I’m aware of, maybe the Griffith Observatory but thats about it. So again not sure my list would work for anybody else but I’ll share some below.

The best way really to find some great eating spots in general is to just open up Yelp whenever you find yourself hungry. If a place has 4+ stars and 200+ reviews then most likely that place is gonna be great. Since I’ve got relatives and friends in L.A. I’ve been pretty lucky so far on this trip with some really great food recommendations, but whenever I’m stuck I just go back to Yelp. Below are some of the best places I’ve gone to on this trip but for all the places I’ve been to, check out my yelp account mark248am.yelp.com

El Faro Tacos – I just found out on this trip that Lebanese immigrants to Mexico had a small influence on their cuisine in the form of the Al Pastor, which is basically a shawerma taco. This small hole in the wall specializes in the Al Pastor and is super authentic and super cheap, just $1.24 for a taco. They were so good I had 4.

Afters Ice Cream – Like In-N-Out but for ice cream. Afters is a California based brand and is currently only located there. I dropped by and picked up their “Anti Diet Diet Club” tshirt which is a spoof of the “Anti Social Social Club” brand, and while I was there I also enjoyed their billion calorie Cookie Monster ice cream in a hot glazed milky bun.

Baja California Fish Tacos – Best fish tacos I’ve ever had, they were crazy good. Order any of the fried fish tacos since there is no way you can go wrong. This place along with El Faro are the only two places I’ve given a full 5 out of 5 on this trip so far.

Eggslut – So this place I wasn’t really going in with high expectations but I ended up leaving impressed. I’ve had a ton of egg sandwiches in Kuwait mostly from EightSix and Eggcellent so really didn’t figure Eggslut could be that much better. It was! I ordered the Fairfax which had scrambled egg and cheese topped with their special sriracha mayo sauce, maybe it was their bun or the sauce but damn it was so good. Actually might go back there tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Sugarfish – Simple straight forward authentic sushi. They have set menus which is what me and my friends all ordered and everything on it was super delicious… except for the blue crab. AVOID the blue crab, it tasted like canned tuna.

The Drunken Crab – A Louisiana-style seafood spot with delicious crawfish tossed in their special spicy drunken sauce and served authentically in plastic bags. Its one my have to visit places every time I come to L.A.

Verve Coffee Roasters – If you’re looking for some good coffee while in L.A. and a place to get some work done, this is a great spot. It’s located in downtown so it’s probably going to be close to where you are and it’s super chill and not too packed.

786 Degrees – They make the best Napoletana pizza I’ve ever had, but not only are their pizza’s delicious and award winning, the people working there are the friendliest people I have every encountered anywhere. Super polite and super nice, they won’t let you pay for the pizza unless you love it!

Other notable mentions:

Norah – Best cornbread EVER

Baco Mercat – Go there for the Hamachi Crudo

Hopefully the spots above are helpful. I might add more to it before my trip is over.

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  1. Rashad says:

    Best ice cream parlor in town is Salt & Straw.

    They have conventional flavors like chocolate and strawberry but people go there for their bizarre flavors like black cherry and bone marrow or vanilla and mincemeat flavor!

    They also had a turkey and stuffing flavor for Thanksgiving.

    The parlor started life in Portland – I actually visited it when it first opened next to my house – but they’ve now expanded to California!


  2. If you really like seafood, especially fried shrimp, come to the valley, my neighborhood in Northridge, try out Kickin Kasian! Hands down the best fried shrimp I’ve ever had. The concept is similar to The Boiling Crab, but KK’s Fried Shrimp is unlike any other! I’m so in love with it I dream about bringing it to Kuwait one day! LOL.

  3. MarhabaCFK says:

    Man now that’s a bit of an overkill. You really didn’t have to use the DJI Spark for the first picture 😂😜

  4. Ali says:

    My son, who’s burger fanatic, raves about In-N-Our Burger in LA.

  5. xeonali says:

    checked your yelp account .. aren’t we all from “Springfield gardens NY” ? :p

  6. dee says:

    Must Visit places for me are ;

    Honor Bar – Their burgers are crazy – Beverly Dr.
    Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken – Culver City
    Gresescent Ice Cream – Downtown
    Somi Somi – Korean Fishcone Ice Cream – Koreatown
    Kazo Nuri – Handrolls (Blows Sugarfish out of the water) – Multi locations

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