Jazeera Airways Rebrands

Post by Mark

Jazeera Airways just rebranded their identity and launched their new face lifted website. Not sure how I feel about their new logo yet, going to wait and see their new plane livery before I make up my mind on it. [Link]

Thanks Sara

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  1. Abdullah says:

    I like the new website, hate the logo. Feels like a newspaper or Wasee6 deal kind of thing. Horrible. I really do wonder if companies in Kuwait go through like a test or consumer behavior prior to launching a new product or brand.

    • aaa says:

      Yeah the steps go as follows:

      1) Get high paid designers to do some professional work on par with global standards
      2) Test it out if it’s consumer facing, see what other people think. Do focus tests, informal customer surveys
      3) Ignore all of it and pick the worst possible design

      • Patrick says:

        This is actually pretty accurate.

        • zaydoun says:

          What about the initial brief and board meeting that came up with the lame name Jazeera???

          • Patrick says:

            Some times clients come in with a name and aren’t willing to negotiate a change. Obviously the best case scenario is a client coming in with a business, but no name so it gives us the chance to brainstorm names + visual concepts. Then you pray that the client is as open-minded to ideas as they seem. A lot of research is done before we start creating anything and it’s frustrating to have clients toss it out.

  2. Hassan says:

    Reminds me of Al Jarida Logo

  3. Dun says:

    We need to rebrand “Garbage”
    Let’s call it “Trash” instead.

  4. Coconuts says:


  5. 845e1 says:

    This is crazy. it actually might be worse than Avenues re branded logo.

  6. Gary says:

    A lot of comments say it’s bad, but what exactly is bad about it?

    The designers could have stuck with two colors for the logo instead of three but other than that I think the typeface is fine. They even incorporated the little diamond as the full-stop from their old logo.

  7. rd says:

    Logo looks like a modern machboos place you’d find in Fahaheel. I see no correlation to either flight, or Kuwait, other than maybe the colors to the water towers..which is like saying I’m close with my far cousins fathers brother.

  8. Azz says:

    Whats with the Blue!
    Lots of Blues here.
    Kuwait Airways – Blue
    Jazeera – Blue
    MOI – Blue
    MOE – Blue
    MOH – Blue ( I Guess)
    New Kuwait – Blue

    • Ayyyy lmao says:

      Because blue is what you call the “national” colour
      Kuwait airways has always been known as the bluebird
      The national football team is also known as the blues
      So the colour blue is sacred to kuwaiti culture

  9. Patrick says:

    The gradient in the logo makes no sense, it just looks like it’s highlighting “ze”.

  10. Anw. Kh. says:

    How can a logo create this much hate? who cares? as long they fly on time …

  11. Alf says:

    so fresh… love it

  12. Mohamad Islambouli says:

    Soooo.. the new logo is basically something my 10 year old cousin can do with microsoft word?

    Sign me up. Seems like easy money.

  13. Sam says:

    I guess they should throw in the word ‘Airways’ there, because when I hear ‘Jazeera’, I automatically associate it with the news channel.

  14. Moe says:

    I like it. Its not ‘wow’ but long overdue for a redesign.
    After reading your blog Mark for many years, its clear the goal on the comments section is to be as rude and negative as possible.

  15. Ashraf says:

    They are also getting a new terminal near the current airport.
    Wondering how would it be once the new international airport is open. A separate terminal for Jazeera & Flydubai and a separate terminal for all the rest?

  16. unhappy says:

    Just booked a ticket on the new website with the fancy logo ! booked for the 1st and confirmed, got an email with my itinerary and the date says 24th ? Cant get through to anyone at this hour :( and i’m sure they are gonna blame me and say i booked it for the 24th :)

  17. Animatedude says:

    They should’ve changed their name, not just their logo.

    In 2017 when you say “Jazeera” you right away think about the tarnished TV channel.

    An while at it, they should change their ridiculous “Business” seats, i’m surprised no one seems to care about that…

  18. Burhan says:

    Okay, the gradient on the English doesn’t make sense, but in Arabic the gradient is even more baffling.

  19. q8_lucky says:

    I love the new website. So simple and fast. (Actually reminds of flydubai’s website). Now if they only refresh their fleet interior with better seats and for love of god put some screens on those seats. Kuwait airways have planes from 1990s yet they all have seats with it’s own TV screen.

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