Kuwait Airways Video Review

Post by Mark

Sam Chui, the world’s most followed aviation blogger recently flew on one of the new Kuwait Airways planes and reviewed it. Overall he really liked the new planes although he had major issues with the Kuwait Airport, but don’t we all. I’m surprised Kuwait Airways didn’t bump him up to first class from business since it didn’t look like anyone was there and it’s Sam Chui..

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  1. vampire says:

    how to know what plane for KWI-BKK route?

  2. The Stallion says:

    Some Kuwait Airways planes do not have first class! They have what is called Royal Class and, according to their staff, is way better than first class and rarely upgrade people to that class. Happened on an official work trip with us. We had first class tickets on Kuwait Airways and we got bumped down to Business Class because only Business and Royal Class were available other than economy.

  3. fajer says:

    :o what was happening at the airport

  4. Allen says:

    I completely disagree with the catering comments. I have enjoyed some of the worst airline meals on Kuwait Airways flights. MYSTERY MEAT !!!

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