Kuwait Race Circuit to Open March 2018

Post by Mark

From what I’ve been hearing, it looks like March is the targeted opening date for the first phase of the Kuwait Motor Town Race Circuit. The first phase will be the main F1/Moto-GP circuit and drag strip while the completion of the rest of the circuits as well as the hotel and mall will follow at a later date. Personally I don’t care about the hotel or the mall, I just want the main track to open so I could take part in open days.

Kuwait Motor Town will have karting, moto-cross, rally-cross, super-cross, 4×4 technical and ATV circuits as well as the main F1/Moto-GP circuit and the drag strip. For previous posts on the Kuwait Motor Town, click [Here]

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  1. Naser says:

    oh man I hope they open for cyclists a couple of hours a day. road cyclist that is. We could host Criteriums (Circuit style)for the first time in kuwait!

  2. Ivan says:

    Woop Woop 🎉🎉

  3. vampire says:

    Im gonna kick ur ass in the track

  4. Tinderbox says:

    Can’t wait! (my car is only good for burnouts and donuts). Oh and that sexy V8 rumble.

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