Travel Essential: Amazon Fire Stick

Post by Mark

One the most essential items I now pack when traveling is my little Amazon Fire Stick. The Fire Stick is a tiny streaming media device thats a bit larger than a USB memory stick and has NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO GO and more all installed on it. Unlike my Apple TV, the Fire Stick is a lot more portable and easier to connect since you just plug the stick directly into an empty HDMI and USB port behind the TV. Whenever I check into a hotel or airbnb, one of the first things I do after unpacking is just plugging my Stick into the TV and connecting it to the wifi so I can have access to all my TV shows.

The only reason I don’t use my Fire Stick instead of the Apple TV at home is because it’s a bit sluggish compared to the Apple TV and I tend to AirPlay a lot of things from my phone or MacBook onto the Apple TV which I can’t do with the Fire Stick. Well actually that’s not accurate, I did get an app that enables AirPlay on the Fire Stick but its pretty buggy and doesn’t work the way it should every time. But anyway, one of the best things about the Fire Stick is the price, it costs just KD12 on Amazon so it’s not that big of an investment. Also if you have Amazon Prime then you already have access to Amazon Video (and music) so you don’t really need Netflix or Hulu if you don’t want them.

If you’re interested in picking one up, here is the link for it on [Amazon]

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  1. q80 says:

    What is the best way to access NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO GO using Amazon Fire Stick in Kuwait?

  2. Buzz says:

    I use the Fire Stick through a US VPN. Is that what you do, or it works globally? Cause I never tried it without the VPN.

  3. Meso says:

    Hi Mark,
    What is your opinion on Chromecast when compared to Firestick?

    • Mark says:

      haven’t tried it, you also have roku thats supposed to be good but i wanted something that integrated really well with my amazon prime account

    • Kuwait says:

      It’s better and you control it with your phone. It can also cast whatever you’re seeing on Chrome, so basically you can watch anything you can imagine.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Hi, Dose is come with subtitle option in all channels?

  5. Crumble says:

    That’s really only good for travel in the US, since I don’t know of a way to use vpn or dns directly from firetv (unless maybe you have the rooted one with KODI).

    AppleTV on the other hand does all the same things as fire tv (except prime) and will let you modify the dns.

    Chrome cast is the worst of all because it has a hard coded dns and will always use google, even if your router is setup to use a different dns. But on the plus side you can put a vpn on your phone and cast to the tv using chrome cast.

  6. Nasser says:

    Hi Mark,

    You power it with the USB port on the TV?

  7. Fahad says:

    Mark, my amazon prime is limited to a few series (primarily amazon produced.owned content). Can you access an expanded library without circumventing geographic restrictions ie. vpn/dns etc.
    appreciate your feedback

  8. Jonathan Rowlands says:

    put kodi on it …. thank me later

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