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GTA on the PSP is out but sadly its 1.16GB uncompressed. I need to wait until a ripped version comes out so I can copy it onto my 1GB memory stick. [Link]

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  1. busynow says:

    you can rip the the game and it will be around 850mb without removing anything
    just the update file and rebuild the iso. But not that the problem , the problem is there is no loader can load the iso , even if you have the umd and 1.5 psp you cant start the game.

  2. 3baid says:

    If you can afford a PSP and a 1GB Memory Stick, why can’t you afford your games? :/

  3. Mark says:

    i only buy games i am going to play a lot. most games i play for a few days and then forget about them. on my xbox for example i got GTA original, but on the psp i just want to play it like for a day or two just to see how it plays. its basically the same game at the xbox version so i am not going to play it all over again and so not worth buying.

    when Grand Turismo comes out for example I will definetly get it original.

  4. holla says:

    i am going to buy this because i want to use part of my SD card for the custom soundtrack. also this will be like the first and last game i would ever buy for the psp heh.

  5. Carlsb3rg says:

    The guys who made the MPH downgrader seem to be on the way on making GTA LCS work on 1.5 PSP.

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