B-Side 347 26/10/05

Post by Mark

car wreck

Todays B-Side is from a car wreck near McDonalds on the Gulf Road.
Click here for the Miskan post.

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  1. TwaiF says:

    what was the car? alah yer7ema enshala

  2. Sin says:

    looks like a lumina…reminds me, me n my borther had an accident with the same car n ended up on top of a phone box….

  3. Entrepreneur says:

    hehehe yeah i saw this last weekend… crazy! the street lights were out just around f6oor time so u couldnt even see the bloody thing occupying an entire lane!

  4. Mark says:

    ummm entrep this was YESTERDAY

  5. Entrepreneur says:

    i saw another last week… same location outside mc donalds on gulf road, just as you come out of the parking…

  6. Mark says:

    ah, this accident was before the entrance going into mcdonalds.

  7. Entrepreneur says:

    hehehe guess ppl are wild about getting TO and FROM McDOnalds hehe must be something they put in the burgers

  8. serena says:

    put pictures of kuwait on your web

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