Starting today I am on a new healthy diet.

– No McDonalds
– No Hardees, KFC, Texas Chicken, Burger King etc..
– No Softdrinks even the diet ones
– Subway is allowed (although after my last visit I won’t be going back)
– Gulf Royal Chinese is allowed but not 2 days in a row
– Will start eating more fruits. (I like melon, grapes (with no seeds), bananas and apples)
– Will start drinking chocolate milk every morning
– Anything from Kababji, Sajj House, Mughal Mahal, Great Steak & Potato is allowed
– No chocolate bars for breakfast or when bored at work. Chocolate bars will now be replaced with a handful of natural nuts (not fried)

I was going to try and be a vegeterian but I would end up starving to death since I don’t eat vegetables.

Update: Day 1 and I already broke rule #3, I had a pepsi for lunch. But I decided anyway that a bit of Pepsi is ok, it helps me digest…