No More Subway

Post by Mark


Ok I have decided I am going to stop eating at Subway. Last month I mentioned how I had Subway and everything tasted different. Well it wasn’t a fluke! Yesterday for lunch I decided to have Subway, I ordered a 6-inch Meatballs and a 6-inch Italian BMT. I couldn’t finish my sandwiches because they tasted so bad! The lettuce tasted like rubber for example while the olives tasted really weird and overpowered everything else in the sandwich. I just couldn’t finish my sandwiches. I have coupons now for 3 free 6-inches and I won’t use them because the sandwiches were so bad I wouldn’t eat them even if I got them for free! What a disappointment.

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  1. McArabian says:

    If you’re in Kuwait, don’t bother with the fast food joints, they’re crap.
    Try the local shawarma stalls instead. There’s a whole street of them in Salmiya, and they can be pretty good.

    If you do try them, give a review, I’m curious of what you’d make of them.

  2. McArabian says:

    Heh. Had no idea you were in Kuwait for that long. Nevermind my earlier comment, you definitely know what’s what in Kuwait ;)

  3. Mark says:

    i have been in kuwait for pretty long, like nearly all my life :)

  4. Nouf says:

    I found ants in my subway sandwich that I got from the subway in the back of souk sharq. Now I will only eat subway out of kuwait.

  5. Mysterious says:

    Cool Blog.
    Personally i like subway, the simple hunger satisfaction :)

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