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sajj house

I didn’t know if this review should focus on their Shawerma or everything as a whole. So after a lot of consideration I decided I would focus more on the shawerma and just mention the other items. Sajj House has been around for a couple of years now. I first found out about it when I was in highschool I think, or first year of university. I started eating there though 3 years ago. In this time I was able to try many of their items, their shawerma, their Taouk sandwich, kofta, and a variety of sajj sandwiches. Everything I have ever had at Sajj House tasted incredibly good. Everything, from their Taouk to their Chocolate with Banana Sajj sandwich. Their prices are extremely reasonable and their service is very friendly.

Now that I have done introducing the place we can finally focus on their shawerma. I am not very picky with shawermas. I would and do eat shawermas from any place. It could be a small shawerma place in a backstreet of Hawalli, or it could be a shawerma place in Salmiya high street, if I feel like having shawerma I will head to the closest source. I have only had 2 bad experiences with shawermas through out my life, so in general I find most shawermas satisfying. But, I have never ever given a shawerma place a score of 5. So this brings us to a very important question. What shawerma would deserve a 5? Its very difficult since a 5 would mean this is the ultimate souper douper shawerma. You might have figured out where I am going with this review, if not I will tell you. On my way to Sajj House yesterday I was thinking about how I rate their shawerma. Is it a 4.5? or is it a 5? Could there ever be a place that would score a 5? Does a 5 mean a perfect shawerma? Then I realized something, Nataly had never had a shawerma at Sajj House, plus she is very picky when it comes to garlic. So I decided at the moment, if Nataly liked the shawerma that would mean it gets a 5. If she didn’t it would get a 4.5.

We went to Sajj house, we both ordered shawermas and then we drove off to our secluded spot (dead end next to the french school). We sat down, opened up the windows and started eating. She loved it. She didn’t mind the strong garlic which tastes really good, she loved the sajj bread they use to wrap the shawerma in and she loved the fact that the chicken wasn’t greasy at all. Thats when I knew, we hit the jackpot with Sajj House. They truly have the ultimate shawerma and its only for 350fils. What gives their shawerma a 5? Well as I mentioned above, they wrap the shawerma in sajj bread, which makes it very light, the garlic they use is perfectly blended and the chicken is not greasy at all. The chicken is actually grilled on coal flame not gas. To add to all this, Sajj House provides other items you can take with the shawerma. Say you want to have 1 shawerma and 1 zaatar sajj, when you order you know both of your items will taste incredible. This strong support from the other items on the menu helps push the score up. Their service is also very nice. Everyone from the Lebanese cashier to the Lebanese shawerma guy, they are very nice and clean. You also have 3 options of getting your shawerma, you can order delivery by phone, you can park your car outside and they will come to you, or you can go down and order it yourself. Their location also helps, they are located in Salmiya adjacent to the Restaurant Street but away from all the traffic (if you are heading towards platinum gym and restaurant street, if the cinema is to your right then you will come up to a small roundabout, if you go straight its platinum gym, if you take a left and continue going straight past the stadium on your left, you will find sajj house on your right). In conclusion, if I gave their shawerma a 5 you should know its really has to be something out of this world to get a 5, and the fact that Nat, an amateur picky shawerma eater loved it, then it just adds more credibility to my score.

update: Since I posted this review over a year ago I have to say the shawermas at Sajj House have become terrible. They have changed the recipe or something but I have now stopped eating there and my new favorite place is Badar Al Badoor. If I was to review Sajj House today I would give them a 2.5 or 3.

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  1. purgatory72 says:

    ok when do I get my free junk food ?

  2. Mark says:

    once you strart drumming

  3. purgatory72 says:

    hahahaha, contact nibaq.

  4. Marzouq says:

    First time I read this review.. and now Im even hungrier!! I’ve never had one of their shawermas… but I will be ordering a huge amount!

    AND I AM HUNGRY! work sux! hehehehe

  5. Pearls says:

    have you tried 99’s Shawerma?

  6. hurricane says:

    their shwarma’s are okay i guess, but u should try hard cook’s on the second ring road, or kurdo’s…..if u havent then u r reaaaally missing out

  7. Mark says:

    havent tried hard cook but kurdos is crap

  8. brown says:

    hi mark.

    love the site – it has provided me with alot of info about kuwait – especially shawerma info! yum! not too familiar with the area, yet – so where is the Sajj House?

  9. Asim says:

    I want to eat it now.

  10. Sandoura says:

    Hello there

    I decided 2 try the Shawerma @ Sajj House (not bad) but I wouldn’t rate it 5 out of 5
    try the Shawerma @ Moment – Share3 Al-Mata3em & tell us what U think (my opinion it’s a YUMI YUMI)

  11. liju says:

    hi. Though born and brought up here.. in kwt… I’ve really not been to too many shawerma places. Can u tell me where Sajj house is located and also bader al badoor. Heh.. i’m actually asking for directions to get there.
    And this is a nice blog. I’ll be checking it more often now :)

  12. you know, you should start a “best fatayer in kuwait” challenge. i recommmend starting with Fatayer 3al 6ayer, barabar and Sallat il fatayer in hawalli, next to Bayan school parking lot!

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