My 5 Favorite Video Games of 2016

Post by Mark

Usually I let my brother write all the video game posts but in this specific case I wanted to share my favorite games of last year. I went through a lot more games than usual this past year but the list below are of the ones that did it for me:

Inside is a dark, side scrolling puzzle game with simple easy to grasp controls (basically right, left and jump). The art direction, locations and game sounds just blew me away. Lots of suspense throughout and was just difficult enough to make it challenging but not too challenging where you have to keep repeating levels over and over (I hate repeating levels). The game is available to download on the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, check out the trailer above it’s so good.

When people ask me what my dream job is I tell them I want to be a forest ranger because I watched this documentary once on a guy whose job was to spend time in a tower that overlooks a forest and keep an eye out for fires. I remember thinking that must be such a relaxing job. Well this game basically is my dream job. In Firewatch, you play the role of a forrest ranger who is trying to solve mysterious occurrences. You live in a tower overlooking a forrest all alone with the only other person being the supervisor whom you communicate with over walkie talkie. This was another game I fell in love with the art direction, just unbelievable beautiful and so therapeutic to play. The game is available to download on Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 1
BF1 is a first person shooter that takes place during World War 1. If you’ve got an Xbox One or PS4 you most likely already got this game, if you didn’t then do so. The graphics are ridiculous realistic, the gameplay is extremely fun and like every Battlefield, the game allows you to control everything from a pigeon to tanks to Zeppelins. Multiplayer is a massive part of this game but I just wish the campaign mode was a bit longer. The game is available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

Far Cry Primal
I’ve always been a huge fan of the Far Cry series and it’s one of the very few games I always play through till the end. Far Cry Primal is an action adventure game set during the Stone Age which I thought might be a bit boring since I’m used to so much weaponry and vehicles from the previous games but, they someone managed to make it work. You start off with just a club but by learning new skills you get to create new better weapons like bow and arrows and spears. You also learn to tame animals to use in combat but also to ride on as a means of fast transportation. What I love about the Far Cry series is that it allows me to play at my own pace. I can do whatever I want in the game, I can play side missions, I can play the main game or I can just walk around and explore the vast map. It’s a huge world with so much to do it never gets boring. The game is available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. FYI: The trailer above is horrible and does the game no justice.

Really Bad Chess
This final game I just got into last month and I’ve been hooked on it which is so odd because its a chess game and it’s not 1983. Really Bad Chess is regular chess with regular chess rules except for one major difference, you start off with totally random pieces. So instead of having one queen and two bishops for example like a regular setup, you might start off with six bishops and three queens. The better you play, the less good pieces you’ll have the next round or the worse you play and the better pieces you get. Like a chess handicap. Each game is really fast (or at least the way I play) and can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to like five. Its super addictive and so much fun for what is essentially boring old chess. The game is only available for iOS devices and it’s free, so if you know how to play chess, get it.

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  1. aaa says:

    No specific order but:

    DOOM – An amazing reboot of a series everyone assumed was dead, and a proper revival of the singleplayer FPS. They managed to take the fast brutal nature of the old Doom and transform it into something new inspired by it and be unlike any FPS today

    Overwatch – Overwatch was the game to change that for me and a huge part of it is that it didn’t play like a typical multiplayer FPS – a lot of the characters are very unique and could belong to totally different games, and there’s playstyles for everyone.

    Uncharted 4 – The game that finally made me feel like the cutscenes weren’t being ripped off of a movie, they were delivering a better experience than a movie would. What impressed me most wasn’t even the (amazing) action stuff, it was the scenes inside Drake’s house. Never seen a game pull that off before.

    Weird that 3 of my favorite games this year are shooters because I typically don’t like them at all, I’m way more into RPGs. I haven’t bought a COD or Battlefield game in 5+ years, and I thought I was totally over multiplayer FPS. But all of these games delivered something that made them stand out to me.

    I enjoyed a lot of other games this year but there was a lot of “good but flawed” stuff, like Final Fantasy 15 which forgot to finish developing the game before they released it

    • Mark says:

      my brother is working on his list and i think he’s gonna have Doom as his game of the year. I played it but i thought it was just ok, but then again i don’t like fast paced high stress games. i play games to chill, not to freak me out and add more stress to my life.

      • k says:

        holy shit haha this is so me

      • aaa says:

        You should play Stardew Valley

        It’s a game one guy made over like… 6 years? You leave your high paced city life to go take over your grandfather’s farm. Every day you wake up and go talk to townspeople and plant some crops and stuff, if you ever played Harvest Moon it’s very influenced by that.

        I think it just came out on PS4 but dunno how that version runs. It’s a really good game but might be a bit too chill like I think you can’t ever actually beat it and also the most stressful thing that happened was I didn’t know whether to adopt a cat or dog

  2. kman says:


    Any idea where i can pick-up a used or new copy of Call for duty black ops 2 in Kuwait.

  3. Ds says:

    Mark,you shud play the game “The Room”.Its there for iOS and Android.Its got three parts.

  4. Hamad says:

    1- Pokemon Sun and Moon (call it being biased but I do think it’s the most game I enjoyed since I’m a big Pokemon freak haha)
    2- Uncharted 4
    3- Dues Ex Mankind Divided
    4- Doom
    5- Dishonored 2

    Many games yet to be played man … My spring break gonna be crazy good haha xD

  5. Anon says:

    Forest – a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth.

    Forrest – Whitaker or Gump


  6. meh says:


  7. Lonely_Wolf says:

    1. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC)- Game is beautiful, gameplay is fun, story is interesting enough.Can’t wait for next game to be announced.

    2. DOOM (PC)- There was never a dull moment in the campaign,gameplay is so addictive and I loved the enemy design.

    3. Uncharted 4- Graphics are amazing,story was good, pacing however was horrible.

    4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided(PC) -Very immersive world. Great gameplay.

    5.Quantum Break & Gears of War 4.

  8. Demon Slayer says:

    DOOM had everything. Smooth engine, a very very badass main player, cheesy plot, great animation (the Imp alone makes it a great game), badass music, great level design, amazing pace.

    Also, INSIDE was a mind trip.

  9. MHz says:

    I felt the same about the Campaign mode… It was short, touchy and sends out a good message. The sound tracks are pretty amazing… The game feel is really like in the era of WW1

    I’m a big fan of BattleField and play almost everyday after work.
    RIP Call of Duty

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