Giraffe Born at Kuwait Zoo

Post by Mark

Here’s some cute uplifting news. Earlier this morning, a giraffe was born at the Kuwait Zoo. The mother went into labor at 9:30AM and the giraffe was finally born at 11:30AM. The sex of the giraffe is still unknown as of this post since the zoo keepers can’t touch the giraffe until it nurses.

Update: Here is a link to a [Video]

Thanks Tam!

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  1. 44 says:

    It’s just as nice as when a kid gets born in a North Korean detention center 🙉 makes me feel kinda fuzzy inside

  2. vampire says:


  3. lulua says:

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but how is that uplifting? I’ve been to the Kuwait zoo and it is absolutely disgusting, the animals are living in filthy and cramped cages, they get no care at all.

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