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Post by Mark

Incase you missed it, last week I posted about a bunch of teens who were able to sneak onto the roof of Al Hamra Tower. While checking the instagram account of one of the teens called Abood, I realized that sliding around the roof of Hamra Tower was probably one of the safest things the guy has done.

Abood who’s instagram account is @pk_spark enjoys climbing on top of towers and recklessly sit or stand right on the edge. The photos definitely look cool on instagram, but damn its also so not worth the risk. You can check out his public instagram account @pk_spark for a ton of photos, but he also has a YouTube channel with a bunch of videos (mostly parkour stuff) [Here].

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  1. Dun says:

    I defended their previous video because it was cool and not dangerous. This is just stupid. Seriously not worth dying over a few likes.

    • Rain says:

      I don’t think they are doing this over a few likes. Did you consider that maybe this is their hobby that they are passionate about?

      Sure, it is dangerous and it wouldn’t be advisable but then again what’s to say about car racing, sky diving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, etc. There was a guy who jumped from Al Hamra tower. Why is it okay when he did it?

      Flying a plane was considered reckless as well but look where we are now.

      • Mark says:

        you can’t compare this to car racing, sky diving, mountain climbing or bungee jumping. Why? Because all those sports you mentioned have safety nets in case something goes wrong. A race car has roll cages and seat belts, sky diving has a back up parachute, mountain climbing involves a harness connected to safety anchors and bungee jumping has a bunch of experts who check and double check the bungee cord and harness to make sure its safe.

        The guy who jumped from Hamra Tower was a professional who had completed 6,900 skydives and over 3,000 BASE jumps, thats why it was ok.

        And how the hell is flying a plane the same thing as standing on the edge of a building for instagram photos??

  2. Mohamed says:

    similar to james kingston its up to them really what they want to do im want to worry about the security with no shoes

  3. Abdulla says:

    Serious bad ass
    Right up there with kuwait’s olympians, I’d say
    Mark, track him down for an all exclusive interview……
    The youth of the arab world have an image problem with arrogant playboys, sheikhas who leave million dollar unpaid tabs at chiche hotels, maid abuse, laziness, cheating scandals
    Big sponsorship awaits this dude if he wanted to do mt Everest or become a marketing label (image if he ate somebody;s cupcake on harma and posted it…..)
    The guy needs an agent I’d say
    He’s a serious bad ass

    • Mark says:

      what the fuck are you talking about?

      Right up there with Kuwait’s Olympians? That’s rubbish.

      The youth of the Arab world don’t have an image problem, stop reading tabloids.

      Nobody is gonna want to sponsor someone who climbs rooftops illegally and has the potential to die at any moment. What brand would want to associate itself with a death? And what does climbing to the roof of the building have with climbing mt everest???

      I’m going insane here trying to understand the logic in your comment.

      • Acerboy says:

        I think it was a sarcastic comment targeting about how you are marketing this guy on every week ! It seems like he has paid you to promote him and looking for sponsorship maybe like RedBull! That’s what he meant I guess

  4. for real though says:

    no reasonable person would argue that this behavior is extremely reckless and beyond dangerous… but at what point does posting this guy’s personal instagram account stop being about creating content for your blog and become a passive aggressive personal attack?

    i can’t imagine what is it you are trying to accomplish with this post, but i find it very hard to believe you have even any kind of real concern for this guy or his friends.

    just seems a bit strange that a guy who seems to have as much going on as you do took the time to try and hang this guy out to dry for some views… essentially the same thing you’re accusing him of, right?

    it’s 2017, i feel like maybe everyone just needs to relax…

    • Mark says:

      Well first things first, the guys account is public and so is the content on YouTube. So it’s a personal account but a public one, I didn’t invade anyone’s privacy if that’s what you were implying.

      Secondly not sure why you find my post passive aggressive or where you see me attacking the guy on a personal level. I don’t have anything against him and I didn’t leave him hang to dry. By posting about him I’m actually promoting him, his content and his endeavor. I strongly believe everyone is free to do whatever they please but that also doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion.

      Finally last week I was in a meeting regarding his video I posted and let’s just say if you knew what I said in that meeting about the guy you wouldn’t have posted what you did.

    • for real though says:


  5. Halyoosha says:

    It’s a common trend now, it all started with Russian and Ukrainian “roofers” ( like Mustang Wanted) who sneak their way to the tops of the highest buildings and travel around the world in search of new exploits. It was a crazy youth movement unique to them but spread to others. The craze was bound to be adopted by someone in Kuwait sooner or later similarily to every other trend out there. It’s very scary and dangerous and googling roofing is enough to show you the tragic results of such stunts. Parkour on the other hand is quite different and involves free-running between buildings, they run, leap and so on, which is not the same as climbing a huge crane and dangling from it to take a picture. Roofing is like a much dangerous version.Yes, maybe the person doing it enjoys the adrenaline buzz but not as much as trying to document to the world what a badass daredevil they are for attention. You can easily get the same rush in other safer ways. I admit that the photography shots can be breathtaking though..

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