Kids Sneak to top of Hamra Tower

Post by Mark

No idea how they managed to get up there without running into security on the ground floor who would have most likely stopped them (its a business tower so there are never any kids there). The scene before they get to the roof they show an elevator ride going past floor 46, but those elevators don’t get up all the way to the top. My office is on the 46th floor and to get to Alghanim offices which are on the 70th floor, I need to take two different elevators down to the ground floor and then 2 more different elevators on the other side past security back up to the 70th. Not only did they manage to bypass all the security and figure out the elevator maze, but they eventually got to the roof and then dangerously started sliding around. Disturbing.

Thanks Dal

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  1. Azz says:

    I wish I could do anything remotely exciting like this during my childhood. Or even now.

  2. Rain says:


  3. _sK says:

    Epic wallah…

  4. Security Advisor says:

    I just saw my worst Nightmare as a Security Contractor.

    Good Job Hamra Tower Management Team, You hired the right Security Company to handle your business. Good Job… Sarcastically clapping as I type..

    If kids can just breeze in, wander about aimlessly,get lost, actually make it through God Knows how many secure zones and then actually make it to the roof to play slippy slide and take selfies … then professional trained terrorists will have absolutely no issues. Anybody remember Die Hard 1??

    Come on people these kids were bouncing off on the roof of Kuwait’s most prestigious building, an Icon of Kuwait’s skyline and not to forget the Kuwait’s only building to be featured on Nat Geo’s Modern Engineering Marvels Programs.

    Yet the security of the building or lack of so to speak is so mediocre to a point that the same Justin Beiber wannabe asshole of a security guard who directs them down the first time doesn’t think it unusual that he sees the same bunch of clowns on a different level other than where they were supposed to be. Doesn’t hold them or call for back up or call the police to hold them at the entrance.

    Hell he didn’t even think it unusual the first time either. You know… Kids???? on this floor??? Hmmmm??

    If this was one of my contractors working on security on one of my projects and they had embarrassed me this way ??, I’d drag their ass into court sue their ass for every penny they had and make sure they would never ever work in the country again. That too after I ripped the JB wannabe, his supervisor and his boss a new one…

    God Forbid had any one of those kids had actually fallen of and died then what ????? Ooops JB was on duty and didn’t know any better ??

    • Mark says:

      yeah the kids take the freight elevator down which isn’t open to the public or the tower employees, it’s mostly used by building workers and movers.

  5. Mohdmost says:

    Amazingggggggggggggg love every second of the video ,i salute these kids bravo wallah even the editing of the video i like we need more of these things in Kuwait let the kids enjoy there time i wish i could join them :D

  6. Anon says:

    Lovely video,
    looks like they know their way all the way,dosen’t look like it was their first time.

  7. Salim says:

    Let’s hope no one loses their job over this. Are the Kuwaiti authorities privy enough to put out a search for these young men?

  8. Security Advisor says:

    @ Salim, “Lets hope no loses his job over this” Are you serious???

  9. Security Advisor says:

    Why is it that I get that feeling that Anon and Mohdmost are either the same kids that were in the video praising themselves or friends of theirs

  10. Sekhar says:

    Someone will be fired today by Hamra Management.

  11. Raz says:

    They made their way through the service elevator
    What is surprising though is that there was no one there. Also, how the heck did they not get picked up by the security cams?!
    Was half hoping that none of them slid off all the way down when messing around on the roof.

  12. MisterStretch says:

    While I think the kids were idiots for doing it…I have to admit, it’s the first “Kuwait-centric” video I have watched all the way through.

    I haven’t even done that with a Kuwait music video.

  13. Serar says:

    They learned from “the walk” :p

  14. Patrick says:

    I wonder if the same people in these comments who think this is cool and “amazing”, would still feel the same if one of these kids fell to their death. Wtf.

    • Dun says:

      Obvious answer to a stupid question, is no.

      But seriously what’s so dangerous about what they did? Did they walk on the edge or hang off the side of the building?

      • Patrick says:

        It was a rhetorical question and a legit one considering that an accidental death from acting like a bunch of idiots isn’t out of the question. You’re only watching what they edited into the video, you have no idea what else they did up there or what sort of accident could have happened. There’s nothing cool about this, it’s just a bunch of bored kids doing stupid shit.

  15. Beyoncé says:

    Not only did they manage to get to the top floor without being stopped by security but they also vandalized the wall with their little scribble signatures!?

  16. k says:

    i expect that this video will get taken down any time now. not only does it serve as evidence for law enforcement but it makes hamra’s security look like a fucking joke. all the commenters saying this is amazing and “bravo wallah” are probably school kids who dont know any better, if they arent theyre just thick.

    • Dun says:

      Law enforcement? You think what they did is a big crime? Even if orders come from really high up to make an example out of them, it will come down to signing a pledge of good conduct. They are a bunch of kids and they didn’t harm anyone or anything.

  17. meh says:

    No one cares what those kids did. Authorities only care when there’s a viral video of ass and tits.

  18. aceboy44 says:

    I liked the video :)

  19. Buzz says:

    The most frightening part of video is the security guy in the beginning who sees a bunch of kids enter the freight elevator and he’s like: “So you guys going down, right?” A huge WTF! The security company should have their contract terminated with possible further action for any liability compensation. Having said that, I must admit I enjoyed the video, but there should be consequences.

  20. q80 says:

    If I am one of the managers of Al-Hamra then I will thank these kids for exploiting the lack of security.

  21. richo says:

    Its either this,Gulf Road or Drugs,Choose ur poison

  22. Abdulla says:

    That is either big wasta or big balls or both
    When I first read this MUST be kids/relatives of alghanim or building big wigs. Had to have been an inside job – kids walking in with big daddy – daddy goes to work and kids play
    But I think this had to be planned
    Maybe kids after coming in the building with daddy scoped out the joint then planned a solo trip
    Have more respect for these kids than the pricks on gulf road

  23. jm says:

    its wrong but i loved it

  24. jean says:

    hats off to the kids on pulling off this, its dangerous but fun.

    The hamra tower security is a sham, they have all cameras around the bldg and no one monitoring them, even the back doors and freight lifts were without security.

    • Raz says:

      And normally the freight elevators are:
      1. Manned by personnel
      2. Require a key to operate

      If either one of the above two were in place then it would at least offer some sort of security.

  25. Amer_alramhi says:

    I love everything in this video , am sad because they had to remove the vid ,I love you my friend keep it up 💙👌👏

  26. T-rex says:

    video removed… anyone saved it?

    didn’t see it

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