Close-up On Kuwait (1960s)

Post by Mark

I could swear I had seen and posted the video above before but turns out the structure of the film as well as some of the footage and dialogue is shared with another video I had posted a few years ago. The video above on the other hand was uploaded by the archive website Periscope Film last week and is actually pretty good quality for a film from the 60s.

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Thanks H.J.O

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  1. Tamer Shoukry says:

    This is a really cool finding, thank you for posting this

  2. Azz says:

    Loved the video. something went wrong.

  3. Janduram says:

    Ahh, Kuwait had the vision! What if..

    Never too late to rekindle that spirit and get going again.

  4. A Proud Kuwaiti says:

    Thank you for the post.

  5. Abdullah J AlQattan says:

    Thanks for the post Mark, This Just Made My Day.

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