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The Kuwait subreddit on Reddit are trying to put together a list of local content creators so I figured I’d help them out. Below is the list I’ve put together of local content creators on YouTube. If you know of any others, please let me know about them so I can add them to the list.

Arabic Channels
4GX (Tech)
Amoosa Games (Video Games)
Aya’s Nutrition (Food)
Deera Gaming (Video Games)
ExtravaGaming (Video Games)
Ezzebda (Tech)
Gamer Snack (Video Games)
Kuweat (Food)
Lucky Generation Gamers (Video Games)
Q8 Stig (Cars)
REDFOXZERO (Video Games)
ShreetVideo (Movies)
Slorks (Tech)
Stay Foolish (Tech)
Super Kalam (Humor)
Swar Shuaib (Interviews)
UrbanQ8 (Informative)
World of Swalef (General)

English Channels
Amirah Of Makeup (Makeup)
MrJovitageorge (Makeup)
Sahar Glam (Makeup/Personal)
The Hybrids (Fashion/Personal)
Voices & Verses (Poetry)

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  1. Rawa says:

    We’ve only just begun, but Voices & Verses is a YouTube Channel that is a spotlight on both up-and-coming and established poets and musicians in Kuwait, created and curated by Kuwait Poets Society. We have both English and Arabic content.

    Here’s the link:

  2. Buddy says:

    Lily Doll 27 by Nouf (Kuwaiti English – Makeup & Vlog):

  3. Thank you so much for the mention Mark. Being an English channel, it is difficult to get recognition here in Kuwait. So I really appreciate your help. And I speak for all of us :)

    Much Love,


    • Mark says:

      Quick question, why the Mr when you’re a female?

      • R says:

        She was on the radio a few days ago and she answered this question! I think it was something because when she was on google signing up to google (or i dont know which website), google thought she was a male and suggested “Mr” instead of “Ms/Miss/Mrs” and i think she thought it was funny and chose Mr…It’s not how she worded it in the radio but thats how I understood it and remember it…

  4. Noor says:

    Check out these guys:

    They are local kids making sick vids, they skateboard and have skate/vlog all english content!!!!

  5. feras ali says:

    there are also redfoxzero and extravagaming they are some amazing kuwaiti gamers on youtube and they speak arabic :)

  6. Rohit says:

    What about Ascia&Ahmed AFK…

  7. I guess this means I’m officially dead. Perfect.

  8. Tinderbox says:

    to make it on youtube you have to make sure your content appeal to everyone not just kuwait and also make it child friendly (i.e no excessive swearing/drinking/drug use/sex etc).
    actually if you make it for kuwait or the ME region in particular your adsense payout will be much much less. like u will get the absolute minimum even if you get a ton of views and have a load of subs. However, If you create content catering to north america and europe (or worldwide in general) then you will actually make decent or even fantastic money.

    • Mark says:

      That’s horrible advice. How many YouTube channels out there talk about video games? A thousand? Ten thousand? How many channels talk about video games to Kuwait? Less than 10. So it’s much more easier to stick out and succeed by targeting kuwait. Adsense is useless true but as you can see from some of these guys they don’t need Adsense to generate income, they can get local sponsorship who would love to support these guys.

      Think global, act local.

      • Mark says:

        Another example which might be easier to understand is my blog.

        Blog = Global idea
        Content = Local

        If my blog didn’t focus on Kuwait it would never have gotten as popular as it is. Same with these YouTube channels, these guys are trying to fill a hole in the Kuwait market. There isn’t a lack of gaming channels in the US or Europe, but there was one in Kuwait.

  9. Sahar says:

    Hey! Im a Youtuber too! :)

    Check out Sahar Glam on Youtube💗

  10. Aya says:

    I’ve got a food channel on YouTube Aya’s Nutrition healthy recipes and such

  11. abdulaziz malek says:

    Deeragaming (video games and entertainment)



  12. Ahamd askar says:

    Hello this Ahamd askar owner of REDFOXZERO channel
    Thanks to include me on your list as content creator
    But there is thing I wonder about all why do type it like this RedFoxZero ?
    It should be typed like this REDFOXZERO capital letters LOL
    Any way Thank’s Mark to include me in the list one of my channel viewer told me about this
    And thanks to him :)
    Have nice day :)

  13. Asmaa says:

    Hey Mark,
    Thank you for supporting Kuwaiti youtuber’s. You are right Kuwaiti needs more support. I don’t know if you notice but YouTube did make YouTube pop-up space on Dubai for ME creators to help them learn more and give them tips and advices. I too have small gaming channel
    and hoping to make best and quality content.
    Thank you again and have a nice day :)

  14. Divyansh Chandel says:

    Do you mind adding me to the list, i am from Kuwait and i make vlogs
    would be a fun addition to the group

    Thanks :D

  15. Plantbasedkw says:

    A Kuwaiti channel focusing on oil free vegan recipes.

  16. Ahmed says:

    You should add Vortex Crew –

  17. Hey, I made some Bollywood related videos at the tail end of last year. They’re nothing to brag home about but they’re there.

    Thanks Mark.

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