Second New Kuwait Airways Plane Arrives

Post by Mark

Over the weekend a brand new Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER plane arrived to Kuwait. This is the second new plane to come into service and there are 8 more coming before the end of the year. The first 777 is supposed to fly the Kuwait – London route but I’m not sure if they’ve started yet. I’m planning on going to London next month and a return ticket on both Kuwait Airways and British Airways are equally priced at just KD133. If the new 777 is being used, I might just fly Kuwait Airways instead since the interior of the new planes are much newer than BA.

Photo by @eng_burezq

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  1. Simple_Man says:

    I don’t fly Kuwait air I worry that the maintenance that is required will be at the same level we see all maintenance done with all government buildings and operations.
    to those who fly them you are braver than I.

    • Mark says:

      Kuwait Airways maintenance record is actually ridiculously good. How do you think their super old planes lasted so long?

      • Simple_Man says:

        Still so easy to just sign off that an inspection has been done while having tea. Just don’t have confidence with any government run anything.

        • Mark says:

          you’re just talking out of your ass now. its a fucking passenger plane not a bakala, you can’t just “sign off” without actual work being done. It’s not like the same ministry employee who stamps your paperwork is also working on the plane.

          • simple_man says:

            why not you simply sign the form and make an entry in the log book. not trying to get into a fight here just saying..

    • Kliffy77 says:

      Kuwait Airways is certified to do heavy checks on Lufthansa & BA airplanes and is a school in maintenance, Facts are facts doesn’t matter what you think of them.

  2. Dun says:

    Flying sober sucks

  3. Ahmed says:

    I’d rather fly BA than KA, at least the movies and TV shows aren’t censored and the food probably wont make me feel ill.

  4. Johar says:

    Is it cool to put flipped kuwaiti flag on the plane? The black portion should always be on the left.

  5. Johar says:

    I got it. Flag is positioned to give the feeling of flying with the breeze.Mark, disregard my previous comment please.

  6. Buzz says:

    There’s an article in today’s Al Qabas newspaper about a Kuwait Airways pilot performing prayer during a flight to Beirut blocking first class passengers from going to the toilet until he’s done. When the author tried to move through, the pilot shouted at him and told him to go back to his seat or else. The author is in the process of launching a formal complaint with IATA according to the article.

    • simple_man says:

      Maybe he was one of the pilots who said they had a spell put on them that made them have sex with the stewardesses. No one has been able to say if the spell was successfully lifter of if they are fling while still spell bound…..

  7. Husayn says:

    KU has started operations to London with the new 777 ..
    but its not everyday ..
    lemme know the dates you’re traveling on and i could let you know.
    if not the 777 , they operate the 330 which is also quite a new aircraft.

  8. Burhan says:

    You can track both aircraft via flightware; the tail numbers are 9KAOC and 9KAOD

    The first one (AOC) is normally on the Kuwait – NY leg, but it was also flown to Bombay and Dubai oddly (probably crew familiarization flights).

    The second one (AOD) – well, it has only had its delivery/ferry flight (from Everett, Washington to Kuwait – 13 hours and 24 minutes non-stop) so far, so we still have to wait for it to get its first routing.

  9. ali says:

    I flew back from London last Saturday on the new 777. It was the 10:30 am flight as opposed to the later one. Entertainment system was great and leg room is also quite reasonable. The crew varied from being excellent to incompetent at best.

  10. Musaad says:

    Just boarded the new Boeing 777 300-ER. Had tablet loaded with media given past experience but impressed with the massive displays and selection. Spotless planes as of now. They kind of still have the “new car” smell. Impressed.

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