Inside the New Kuwait Airways Plane

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The new Kuwait Airways 777-300ER plane arrived to Kuwait over the weekend and will start operating on the Kuwait – London route soon.

You can get a peek at the interior of the new plane by watching the video above which was taken by Kuwait Airwyas pilot @capt_feras. According to information I found online the new plane has four classes, First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Below is more detailed information on all the classes along with photos taken by @eng_burezq:

Economy Class Cabin
236 seats
3-3-3 seat layout
32 inch seat pitch
18.5 inch seat width
In-flight Wi-Fi
Audio Video on demand Touchscreen monitor
USB port & laptop power

Premium Economy Cabin
54 seats
3-3-3 seat layout
35 inch seat pitch
18.5 inch seat width
In-flight Wi-Fi
Audio Video on demand Touchscreen monitor
USB port & laptop power

Business Class Cabin
36 seats
2-2-2 seat layout
62 inch seat pitch
21 inch seat width
In-flight Wi-Fi
180° Full Flat Bed
Audio Video on demand Touchscreen monitor
USB port & laptop power

First Class Cabin
8 seats
1-2-1 seat layout
84 inch seat pitch
22 inch seat width
In-flight Wi-Fi
180° Full Flat Bed
Audio Video on demand Touchscreen monitor
USB port & laptop power

Update: Below is another video the shows the interior pretty well

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  1. lucky_boy says:

    What an amazing transformation. Now if only they served alcohol it would be unmatched choice for me for long flights.

  2. Simple_Man says:

    looks great I only wonder is this piloted by the bewitched pilots as reported in the Arab times Dec 4 or the 5th? the article does not say what airline they fly for.

    Cabin crew involved in black magic deported – Pilots victims of their spells
    13 hours ago
    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: Three female cabin crew members of different nationalities and working for a local airline have been deported from the country after accusing them of involving in black magic, reports Arab Times daily.
    The daily added, the women were deported after they started blackmailing 12 pilots and their assistants and demanded KD 200,000 from them.
    According to reports the pilots and their assistants behaved in a strange manner after the trio allegedly cast a spell on them to such an extent they literally were at the mercy of these women who began to lure them with their when on duty.
    Their services were terminated and they were deported after the concerned authorities received information about their activities. During interrogation they had reportedly admitted to the crime.
    By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

  3. Kuwait says:

    So the only difference between between Economy and Premium Economy is 3″ seat pitch? Would be interesting to see if they’re going to be priced differently as well.

    Awesome otherwise, hopefully Kuwait Airways only goes upwards from here.

  4. Adel says:

    This makes me happy! We need 12 more of those :p

  5. Husayn says:

    this video is long and more detailed..

  6. Husayn says:

    the premium economy on KU is more like KLM’s economy comfort seat .. same seat as economy but with more leg space.. which i guess you’ll get to buy by paying a seat charge.

    the premium economy product on Lufthansa or British Airways is a complete different seat and usually quite more expensive then their lowest economy fare

  7. jm says:

    Congratulations KA I couldn’t be more happier it shows there a will to improve but there’s something off about these seats

  8. Abdulrahman says:

    Finally, its about time we start competing with the other airlines. No more transits! Long overdue, but something better than nothing. Super excited!

  9. Nasser says:

    Ever since their new A330s have begun arriving KA has been doing a much better job, and the A330s are really good compared to their old planes.

    I thought this Boeing though was supposed to go to NY? Why go to London if the A330 can do that?

  10. Sav says:

    Finally something to boast about Kuwait airways…. We are de only country in de gulf that’s lacking behind in airline industry…. even Oman has a good and new fleet of aircrafts. I still remember flying Kuwait airways in the 80s… It’s was one of the best airlines in this region after Cathy… I still have de booklet like tickets of Kuwait airways… anyways hope this is de start to a new life in Kuwait airways

  11. Khaled Alhussain says:

    The entertainment system looks like a huge upgrade and beats any other airline…the seats though? i dunno they don’t look very comfortable, expected more from the business and first class seats

  12. BlarneyBob says:

    It all boils down to service. Even if you have the best physical amenities, but get condescending looks from the staff, it’s all worthless.

    Nice try though….

  13. New Horizons says:

    Blarney Bob is on to something. Lack of consistent service has been the Achilles heel for Kuwait Airways not just an ageing fleet. If they manage getting that right, half the battle’s won.
    First and Business appear decent though not outstanding.

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