Nintendo Labo is Out in Kuwait!

Post by Mark

I just left Rihab Complex with the Nintendo Labo variety kit. There is only one store at the moment in Rihab selling the Labo and its Kuwait Toys Center. They’ve got both the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit and they’re selling each for KD40. That might sound expensive compared to the US price, but it really isn’t that bad of a deal.

The Variety Kit sells for KD22 on Amazon while the Robot Kit sells for KD25 not including tax. The Variety Kit weighs nearly 3KG so if you shipped it using Shop&Ship they’ll charge KD17 for shipping without the customs fees. With PostaPlus they’ll charge you KD12 without the customs fees. So if my calculations are correct:

Variety Kit KD23 with tax
+ KD17 shipping (Aramex Shop&Ship)
+ KD1 clearance fee
Total = KD41

If you ship to your PostaPlus mailbox the total would still be around KD36. So paying KD4 more to have it first isn’t that bad of a deal. If you’re interested in picking up a Nintendo Labo, Kuwait Toys Center only had a handful in stock when I passed by so you’ve got to hurry. Check them out on instagram @kuwait_toys_center

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  1. Sulaiman_COOKIEEEE says:

    Can they get me gta 6 2 years before its release date? XD (kidding btw)

  2. Hamad says:

    interesting that you find labo interesting

  3. Nasser says:

    There is a store in the basement selling it for 34 KD

    If the restaurant is on your left, you will see a hallway to your right (there are two, one closest to the stairway and the other just after that closer to the center of the basement). If you go to the one closer to the center, it is the last store down the hall facing you

    Have fun Mark! Building stuff is awesome

    • Nasser says:

      Just to further clarify, if you come down from the stairway on the side of the restaurant, take a left and then follow the path I wrote of above ;p

    • Mark says:

      Is that the store that sells collectibles? I checked it two days ago but didn’t think of checking it again yesterday since I never find anything in that hallway or the basement for that matter.

      34 is a really good price!

      • Nasser says:

        Yeah, they do sell collectables. They actually have more collectables than video games so I was surprised they were selling it

  4. Sumaiya says:

    Where can I find only the Nintendo switch?

  5. Smith says:

    wait, you actually paying this much money for ‘cardboard’ AND assemble it yourself?

    wouldn’t it be cheaper to make it yourself? for like umm.. free

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