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Post by Mark

Last night I was invited to drop by the new VOX Cinemas in Avenues phase 4 to get a tour of their space. This is their first VOX Cinemas location in Kuwait, and since there are three other cinema chains already in Kuwait, they know they’ve got to bring their A-game if they’re hoping to succeed.

VOX is nearly ready to open up to the public and tonight they will be premiering the new Avengers film with an invite-only affair. The only area that was still under construction and one that I wasn’t able to take photos in was the THEATRE by Rhodes section.

Tickets + Food
When you first go up the escalators into the VOX Cinemas you’ll find ticket machines on the sides and the food area in front of you. Ticketing and food are combined into one, so you can buy your tickets and popcorn at the same time. That’s pretty great and convenient if you didn’t buy your ticket online since instead of waiting in line to buy tickets and then a second line to buy food, you’re combining it into one line. The disadvantage is to those who already have their tickets. The food line is usually pretty long anyway but now you have to also wait for people to decide what movie they want to watch and where they want to sit. So I’d imagine trying to get food is a longer process with this system.

THEATRE by Rhodes
This is VOX’s equivalent to VIP theaters in other cinema chains. There are 4 small theaters located in a separate section and the reason the area is called THEATRE by Rhodes is because the food menu was created by Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes. THEATRE by Rhodes will have reclining seats with adjustable footrests, blankets, pillows and, a waiter service which you can call via a button on the seats. This area of VOX should be completed in two weeks time.

Their Largest Theater
The picture above is of VOX’s largest theater, they have two of those. It was huge, filled with seats and yet it still felt so spacious because of the fact they’ve left a really large gap between the screen and the first row of seats.

I liked the color scheme as well which was all black with red accents. The seats were comfy, large and had a pretty good amount of legroom as well as cupholder and a side table for your food or phone.

If you arrive to the theater when dark, you’ll be able to find your seat easily since the aisle and chair numbers are lit up.

Their Regular Theaters
VOX has 17 theaters in total, 4 are the Rhodes theaters, 2 are their large theaters which I’ve posted about above, then they have 2 more kids theaters (more on those in a bit), 1 rentable theater and finally, 8 regular theaters. These regular theaters are smaller in size, have smaller seats compared to their larger theater and, less legroom. If you notice in the picture above there are two colors of seats, black and blue. This is to separate their VIP or premium location seats (in black) which cost more than the seats in the not so prime viewing area (in blue).

The theaters I used to frequent in London had a similar setup, if you want to sit in the prime area you’ll have to pay more for the ticket. I’m not a fan of this system although in London it was great since nobody wanted to pay for premium seats so I always got great seats, even though I booked late.

Their Kids Theaters
VOX have a separate area for kids. The area is colorful with a play area and a separate entrance. You’ll be able to book the area for your kids birthday and they can run around and scream without bothering the rest of the movie goers.

The theaters themselves are small and have multi-colored seats. They look tacky but I guess kids will love it.

Thier Millennial Theater
It’s not really called the millennial theater thats just what I’m calling it because that’s the age group they’re targeting with it. The small theater is filled with reclining sofas and the concept behind it is that you would be able to rent it out for you and your friends to watch a movie or even to play video games on the large screen.

VOX Cinemas is opening tonight but like I mentioned already, it’s invite only. Once they’re done with tonight’s opening they have a few more things they need to finalize before they open to the public. No specific date has been set but it’s probably happening in the next week or two. Here is a link to their web site [Link]

Update: I went last night to watch Avengers and here are some observations. They don’t have any IMAX theaters. They have MAX theaters that sound like IMAX but are just regular theaters. I wish the chairs in the MAX theaters were slightly more reclined. The seat numbers that light up are actually a bit annoying in the dark since you can see light coming from the chairs behind you.

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19 comments, add your own...

  1. Nasser says:

    I am ready to make this my go to and preferred Cinema! I love it when I go to them in Duabi and I have high hopes for the one here

  2. Bruce says:

    Is it going to be family/bachelor separated sections or general like any normal country?

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

      Where have you seen separate sections in Kuwait? I’ve seen separate sections in the US and UK, so should I call the u.n and request that they remove those countries from the “normal countries list” under your command?

    • Essam says:

      The family/bachelor separation is a Cinescape policy, and quite frankly, I don’t think they enforce it anymore. Grand Cinemas does not have family/bachelor separate seating.

      • Abdulrahman says:

        GrandCinemas (past two weeks) they did not allow my friend and I to book a seat higher up because it was “family seating” and we are bacholers. I believe they recently changed this no separation rule and started to enforce a split between the bachelors and family’s

    • Crumble says:

      Even if it doesn’t start off as segregated it will happen very soon. As soon as a few girls are impregnated on those reclining sofa’s (probably within the opening day).

      • DC says:

        Wow,you apparently go to very different cinemas than i do. Multiple girls getting pregnant in a public place on a daily basis?????

    • Mark says:

      yes there will be family/bachelor seperate seating areas similar to cinescape.

      • 3azeez says:

        So we will have two guys sitting so close on a single sofa? Isn’t that kinda gay?! is ‘gayness’ allowed? xD

        • Peter says:

          The sofa is a room booked basis. MEAINING : you book the whole room and get to watch with your family and friends . And you get to choose the movie game to watch /play

  3. Ali says:

    I hope they will have at least one or two films different to the other cinema chains to offer more choices to the cinema goers. We tried the THEATRE by Rhodes in Dubai and both the food & service were terrible. Hopefully they have improved both for Kuwait.

  4. Neo says:

    Hi Mark,

    Nice Review. Did they let you know of the Ticket Rates ?

  5. Code Markus says:

    I’m glad another cinema chain is opening in Kuwait. More healthy competition hopefully.

  6. Jay says:

    Millennials are people born in the early 1980s onwards.. means some of them are in their mid to late 30s- just FYI

  7. Ashraf says:

    I hope people respect the space.
    whenever I leave cinescape after a movie, all I see is popcorns and nachos spread everywhere. it’s a pitty even after the awesome advertisement they play before the movie starts, people decide to trash the theatres.

  8. NG says:

    So, more of the same, as is the case with burger chains and specialty coffee shops here?

    Or do we see different movies releasing in VOX? Tired of the same old selection of movies: C-grade horror, kids and South Indian. We need more Bollywood movies (similar to the plethora of releases in Dubai) and definitely many more international ones.

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