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I finally found a reason to get a Nintendo DS, Nintendogs. When I first heard about the game I thought it was stupid, when I saw pictures of the game I thought it was stupider, but then I watched a video of the game in action and I fell in love. Nintendogs is basically like an advanced version of the Tagamotchi pet. You get to choose your dog from the kennel and they you help it grow. A while back our family pet dog died, he was a daschund. The video I watched of the game involved a daschund playing with bubbles. Basically the kid playing with the game was using a bubble blower to play with the dog in the game and the dogs reactions to the bubbles were exactly like my real life dog. The on screen dog jumped around trying to bite the bubbles and then when the bubbles hit him he started to rub his paw on his face! Seeing that brought nice memories and I knew I had to get the game, I am going to resurrect my dead dog back to life inside the game!

I just found a good deal for a DS bundle on Amazon. A silver Nintendo DS bundled with a Spiderman 2 game and a Pro Gamers Kit (includes a Aluminum Case Games Cases, Earphones, Car adaptor Screen Lenses and Neck Strap) for only $129. The Nintendogs (Dachshund version) for $29 also. Now I can’t wait for the game to come. [Link]

Videos of the game available on IGN

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  1. forzaq8 says:

    i thought nat would post that :P

  2. Terry says:

    Nintendogs ROCKSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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