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There are a bunch of local sites that focus on video games but Retro Games is the only one I’m aware of that focuses on old consoles and everything related to them. The store has categories for old gaming systems like the MSX, Sega Saturn, PS1, all the way up to the last-gen consoles. They sell things like an HDMI cable adapter for your PS1 to get it working with new TVs and the consoles themselves although they don’t sell any games.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic and looking to get an original SNES, they’d be the place I’d check out before heading to Rihab Complex or ordering online. They also sell various emulation consoles like the LDK which I’ve previously reviewed. If you’re into old games check them out at

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I bought the retro classic PS from exciting last year for 18KD, I didn’t use it much until this year when the shops came into the scene during quarantine, I got in touch with one of them to beef it up with games. Next thing he delivered me a flash memory loaded to the brim with all my childhood to teenage games i.e. PS, Nintendo, Siga Etc. for just 15KD including 64GB flash, joystick extension for 2P, and delivery the next day.

The Fact is PS2 That Allows to Play PS1 Games on PS2 Console by Pressing reset Twice & it worked very well but saving from PS1 Games doesn’t work on PS2 Memory Card instead on PS1 Memory Card. Other way you can play Retro Consoles by Emulators on Android or PC. However, PS2 is not very Strong to emulated on PC.

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