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Still Looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X?

With curfew starting at 5PM, videogames are a great way to pass time which is why it’s created an even bigger shortage on new generation consoles than there was before the curfew was announced.

Pre-curfew, the PlayStation 5 was already impossible to find, even with the inflated grey market prices. The Xbox Series X on the other hand was fairly available but because of the curfew, whatever Xbox was in stock also got snapped up.

One cool way to find out when the PS5 or Xbox Series X is back in stock is by following the twitter account @Ryukersblog. Ryukers has been tracking the availability of both consoles and tweeting whenever they get back in stock somewhere. So if you’re hoping to pick up a new generation console, keep checking @Ryukersblog for updates.

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Screw your mark for giving the account more visibility and thus again making it painfully hard to secure a new console!!

Ryukers is legit a life saver. I got my PS5 early on because I kept checking the account. He also posts a lot of other cool deals!

Yea I know GamePass is awesome, I have future plans on building on a PC and GamePass works on PC as well so I can take advantage of it there while there is no other go to play PS5 games so that’s the route I am taking.. Enjoy it while we the rest of us wait to land a PS5 at retail price!

Be sure to make use of some free 3 months deals that are lying around and first month for 1$ and convert xbox gold 1 year (about 60$) to 1 year of game pass (120$ value).

I do hope you will able to build a pc soon, prices are very bad rn (gtx1060 for 300KD??). Hopefully it will cool down and you can snag a cheap 2000 series card or a bargain on a 3000 series.

Also if you have a weak cpu ryzen 2700 range (maybe some weak 3000 cpus too) Nvidia gpus are actually worse than AMD gpus that is because of nvidia’s drivers so a gpu “upgrade” might become a downgrade in 1080p gaming especially and to an extent 1440p.

Try to keep a balanced build don’t use a 3060ti with a ryzen 1600.
Preferably to match console performance use a ryzen 5 3600 with a 3060/2080/RX 5700

I was like I will just wait till march and the hype will be gone and the price will decrease.

Scalpers: Allow us to introduce ourselves

I have been following him and its still hard to find one, and now you tell more people to follow him it will be harder to find a Ps5 :/

Yup, but, I’ve been playing Valhalla since release and it’s been great and graphics as well, also just got Dirt 5 last week because of Game Pass and that’s a ton of fun and graphics are amazing

Series X is definitely worth getting, specifically for Game Pass

With 20 new Bethesda games added and more to come, it keeps getting better

I mean those are on pc too. Xbox isn’t really MS flagship that they’re trying to sell, it’s gamepass. Xbox is just a delivery system and since I already have a decent pc it’s just a waste to buy xbox when all its exclusives run better on my pc.

Hey any idea where to sell brand new PS5 accessories and games? My friend won the PS5 in a raffle but is not interested in some of the things that came with it (camera, remote and 2 games). Still brand new and sealed.

I want to play miles morales and demon souls. I left a catalogue of oldies from ps4 era to play with the better graphics on PS5 last guardian, shadow of colossus, p5 royal, last of us 1+2, FF7 remake+intergrade (I hope they add it on PC so I can play it with better graphics), days gone (I will play it on ps5 cuz its free).

Also the best reason, playing Ghost of Tsushima legends with friends without my PS4 sounding like it’s going to launch to orbit.

They don’t have many new games but the new consoles (specifically the Series X) are so snappy to use and the majority of old games run better on it. I’m kind of glad there aren’t many new games because I get to play the games I missed with the bonus of that performance boost. Paying 168 KD for that sort of experience is worth it.

Game Pass on console and PC is such a great thing, but the games catalogue is better on the console (in my opinion).

The console version of game pass is definitely better but like for me who has a pc as strong as the series x it’s definitely a waste to buy a whole ass console for about 170KD when I can just buy the games out right for 5KD from cdkeys or equivalent sites that sell for cheaper than steam.

Plus I get to own the games forever, like actually think about it how many games that are on only console gamepass that you still want to play if the number is less than 34 (170/5=34), then its a waste to buy the console if you own a pc with similar performance

It’s not a waste because I am buying for the exclusives, miles morales, demon souls and eventually returnal, ratchet and clank, HZD 2, GOW 2, ff16.

All of xbox’s games are on pc (unlike sony) that is because the xbox is merely a delivery system, what MS wants you to buy is gamepass. Xbox is just a way to sell gamepass. If MS could put gamepass on the switch and PS5 they would.

In the end of it I am buying the console to play the games I like, that’s the point of a console.

I’m pro buying every console even if it’s just got a game, I was just using your terminology to show you that you could have a console and and Computer even if both have similar games because the experience of each one is different.

I guess, I was refuting the value of “console” game pass as it’s not 1st party games that are exclusive but 3rd party games like Tekken 7, DMC5.

You could just buy the games outright and it would be cheaper than buying a whole console.

I do understand that there is a difference between both experiences and some people might like that console’s feel and UI and prefer it over pc.

For me personally I wouldn’t buy the ps5 if it had no exclusives and could just play it on pc.

The Xbox is a great value device but not a great companion device if you already have a pc, like say the switch

Dude, get an Oculus Quest VR Headset, by the time you’re done with it, COVID will be long gone, your kids will graduate college and peace will set in the middle east!

Its such a terrible headset. Very front heavy and gets uncomfortable quick. Also, the need to have a Facebook account to use it ridiculous

The next PS VR will be the best

You’re talking about the Quest 1 in terms of weight (Center of mass is adjustable if you add a little counterweight), Quest 2 though is a little lighter, but yeah, Facebook account now is required, I created a new one for the quest (no issues).

I just hope the PSVR is not tethered, doubt it though..

Sadly it’ll still be tethered, but only one cable (unlike the complicated setup of the first one)

However, the PSVR is just so comfortable and balanced, and honestly I don’t have the space in my apartment to freely move around so playing seated is not a big deal

I think Al-Rihab complex(مجمع الرحاب) have PS5 and Xbox Series X. Because Al-Rihab Complex has Everything of Video games so you can buy Any consoles and Any game titles they have. I didn’t buy PS5 yet but I Plan too in future.

Oh yea rehab has it but for atleast 200KD, they’re marked up high and make sure if you buy from them to check if the console got banned and they’re selling you a console you can’t use.

What do you mean if the console got banned ? Im still looking to get myself a ps5 but all I see thus far are overly priced 250+ consoles.

There was a fiasco not too long ago where people were exploitation ps plus collection that’s only on ps5 and redeeming the games on PS4.

You would pay someone and they would let you redeem the games. Sony got involved and banned the whole lot of them.

Morale of the story: check if the ps5 actually works properly and isn’t banned before buying

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