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Since I’m planning to stay in Kuwait during Eid I figured I’d pick up a new video game console. I’m probably getting a Nintendo Wii U and an Xbox One although I haven’t really finalized my decision yet. But, I have been doing some research and I’ve put together a list below of the different console prices around Kuwait as of today:

Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart Bundle
Xcite: KD135
Blink: Not Available (KD119 Zelda Bundle)
Digumz: Not Available (KD112.9 Zelda Bundle)
Digumz Store: KD135
Rihab Complex: KD130
Mr Babu: Not Available (KD99.9 Zelda Bundle)
GamesQ8: KD135

Sony Playstation 4
Xcite: KD149.9 (KD142.9 with inFamous Second Son)
Blink: KD124
Digumz: KD124.9
Digumz Store: KD135
Rihab Complex: KD118
Mr Babu: KD119.9
GamesQ8: KD125

Xbox One 500 GB + Kinect
Xcite: KD209 (KD148 Without Kinect)
Blink: Not Available (KD137 Without Kinect)
Digumz: KD152.9 (KD134.9 Without Kinect)
Digumz Store: KD155
Rihab Complex: KD150 (KD135 Without Kinect)
Mr Babu: KD155
GamesQ8: KD155 (KD135 Without Kinect)

Update: Added the prices from the GamesQ8 online store.

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  1. faisal says: sells japans version for 119.900 with one year warranty

  2. faisal says:

    i forgot to mention that they are selling the ps4 for that price :)

  3. lucky_boy says:

    check , great store, usually undercuts competitors.

  4. ahmedablak says:

    what is this pal and ntsc. why xbox one (pal) are more expensive than the ntsc?

    • Mark says:

      I have no idea but what I understood is that it makes no difference if it’s pal or NTSC. Only difference I think is pal version is 220v and wouldn’t need an adapter (I think)

      • Ahmed says:

        I have a U.S. playstation 4. It is dual voltage which means you don’t need an voltage converter. All playstation 4 are like this.

        • Mark says:

          I think Xbox One has three versions, 100-110V, 220-240V, and 100-240V versions.

          • Ahmed says:

            Oh ok. I was talking about ps4 only.

          • lucky_boy says:

            If you have Xbox One, make sure to choose “USA” as a country, since the prices on the US store are like 20% cheaper than the EU store (because of the expensive Euro currency vs US Dollar).

            Also if you choose the US store it will only accept PayPal option (country doesn’t matter here), the credit card option won’t work with those issued outside USA.

  5. Ali says:

    The ps4 differ in the bluray, NTSC plays only US movies.

  6. Joey says:

    i got my ps4 yesterday with an extra controller and fifa for 159 KD from xcite

  7. X says:

    Do you guys recommend any certain stores at Rihab or do they all have the same prices for consoles?

  8. thek5 says:

    I was trying to email patrick and take his view on what witeless router internet he would recommend for online gameing, I use the ps3 ps4 and WiiU

  9. sonicskyline says:

    NTSC and PAL will make a difference when it comes to game releases. As of yet, it’s not much of an issue, but later some games could be PAL-only or NTSC-only. Also, it depends on where you buy your games. If you like to buy games at Xcite and legit retailers in Kuwait, technically Kuwait is a PAL region, so all the games you’ll find here will be PAL. But if you go NTSC you’ll still find those at Rehab and online.

    • Mark says:

      From what I understood it doesn’t matter if pal or NTSC both systems would play same discs

      • sonicskyline says:

        CURRENTLY yes, but that’s because the games are still region-unlocked. Both games will work fine now. But if it’s something like PS3/XBOX360 you couldn’t play across regions, and really all it takes is an update to suddenly lock it up. It won’t matter much unless you’re used to buying games in the US for example where you won’t find PAL games or in Europe where you won’t NTSC, but in Kuwait you’ll generally find both.

        • Mark says:

          I don’t think it’s just currently. It was part of the original announcement that both ps4 and xbox one wouldn’t be region locked for games.

          • sonicskyline says:

            Maybe. I honestly wouldn’t know. What I can tell you though is I have a US PS4 I bought in Rehab. The game boxes DO have region codes on the back of them (some Region 1, some Region 2), but they do both work on the same console. Now why they have the region codes on the game boxes I have no idea, but they do sell different region versions of the same game. So just a heads up.

          • sonicskyline says:

            Looks like you were right. Generally, it won’t be locked unless there’s a game like Wolfenstein which is not allowed in Germany unless it gets rid of all the Nazi symbols.



            “Do PS4 games have regional locks?
            In general, neither digital nor disc-based games will be region locked, but PlayStation recommends that all users purchase games at the region of their residence to guarantee the best overall experience and customer service. In certain instances, a software publisher may choose to region lock a game title for specific reasons, but Sony Computer Entertainment expects these instances to be uncommon.”

            • Mark says:

              What it’s banned in Germany? I heard it was banned in kuwait as well but don’t know why

              • sonicskyline says:

                They just released a “cleaner” version in Germany I think, like they do with most games. They don’t like violence there but also it’s illegal to display anything Nazi-related. In Kuwait you can still get it in Rehab.

  10. Moayad says:

    My main concern is with Bluray disks. All my current blurays are from the UK, so I’m guessing I’m stuck with PAL.

  11. Bader says:

    Hey mark i was wandering if taw9eel had a warranty on their xbox ones??

  12. Bader says:

    Hey mark in taw9eel and blink are the xbox ones under warranty??

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