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Local instagram star Ascia was recently featured in Coca-Cola’s #OpenUp Ramadan campaign. The campaign pays tribute to the holy month by spreading happiness and encouraging people to open up to each other, rekindle lost connections and mend unresolved tensions. It’s pretty touching and both her and her husband “open up” in front of the camera which is never something easy to do, although I guess if Coca-Cola came knocking on my door I’d probably do the same thing as well. Checkout the spot below.


via Life in Kuwait

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  1. yosuefq8 says:

    Touching and cute video. Do what makes you happy.

  2. LadyB says:

    Very Touching, it sure brought me to tears ..

  3. Ahmad 'O' Arafa says:

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for her. I might not understand what it is she does exactly, but the girl has worked her fingers to the bone & look how much she accomplished :)

    Her detractors should keep their yappers shut before they further embarrass themselves.

  4. BoJaij says:

    I’ll open up about my love affair with Pepsi

  5. Adil says:

    This is without any doubt the most beautiful Coca Cola ad. I’ve ever seen!

  6. Ahmed says:

    Good for them trying to break societal structural boundaries – to many what she is doing seems superficial and juvenile ( I kinda agree with that and it seems thats how some things star/ begin t in Kuwait shallow and shiny on the outside) yet the effect it has on the society is probably bigger then most will notice instantly.

    They are putting forth a different and slightly progressive model of married young couples in Kuwait – conservative couples that is.

    Great job

  7. Wissam says:

    is it for APPLE or CocaCola ????

  8. NO.22 says:

    Simply beautiful & inspiring. Wish them all the best.

  9. tsallgood says:

    Much respect to the both of you.. keep being strong, support each other, and dont waste your time on the haters. Ahmed, I admire you for standing next to your wife like that, and you should feel nothing but pride. Ascia, keep doing what you’re doing, i might be a guy but i respect what you’re doing because its your own, and you’re not scared to show it. Take care guys.

  10. Rounwah says:

    Is there a reason my comment has not shown up yet

  11. Salma says:

    I love this girl, she just kind of fills the heart with joy. I would just rather comment on something which she said, that people say she wears the hijab differently, which is true, its not about wearing your hijab differently, Hijab means covering your hair and neck and dressing up modestly which is why people are discouraging her, coz she is inspiring alot of young women all over the world about the wrong concept of Hijab. She has done amazing accomplishments for herself and she is very successful and inshallah she will get even more success on her way but about the Hijab, I am sorry but yes this is not called Hijab! She dresses up modestly though and hes a pure soul and she might be better than 100 girls out there wearing hijab and have bad reputation – Only the concept of hijab here is misleading others.

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