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Video Game Sales in Japan

Total hardware sales Jan 1st to May 1st in Japan:

PS2 – 828,824
PSP – 796,654
DS – 739,557
SP – 280,128
GC – 99,574
GBA – 9,594
xbox – 6,360

Am I reading this right, is the PSP kicking the DS ass? I think so.. 😀

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Reading it right .. I am actually suprised people bought the DS. I don’t play games or purchase systems. I went out and got my self a psp after my roommate got one. The video features alone are worth it ..

7% true, but DS had a head start dont forget.

Also i think by now you should know that selling a console at loss does not mean they are losing money. Sony were losing money on the PS2 when they first released it but they were still making a lot of profit. Look at nintendo on the other hand, they are making money off their consoles but they aren’t making as much money as sony.

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