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My E3 Highlights

Ok, so there is a new PS3, there is the Xbox360, the Nintendo Revolution and the Game Boy Micro. They are all amazing systems and as I told Nibaq, I will need to start saving up so I can buy them all. I just watched the PS3 duck technical presentation and it was good except I wanted to watch the Motor Storm video (check this: 1 and 2). I am also downloading the Dead or Alive 4 video, its 470MB but here are some screenshots for those of you with slow connections. Some cool games are coming out on the DS, Castlevania is one and its in 2D thank god. Sonic is the other game, the cool thing about sonic is the way it uses the 2 screens, click here to see what I mean. Finally I was hoping to see screenshots of GTA for the PSP but all I was able to find was this write up.

I think the next generation of systems is going to be really kick ass. I don’t have a favorite yet, each has its own advantage and thats why I will probably get them all.

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