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BBK’s New Identity

Now this is a logo done right. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait recently rebranded and its pretty obvious its a way better logo then BKME‘s. The new BBK logo is visually attractive and friendly. The logo is very simple and clean and can easily be distinguishable from the competition. The color choice of blue is a common one among banks here in Kuwait but the addition of the 2 orange tones help differentiate it from the rest. I think at the moment, BBK has one of the nicest logos among the local banks. What I am wondering now is if Commercial Bank of Kuwait will be re-branding. There current logo was designed by a Pentagram, a world renowned agency. Actually I think I will post about that tomorrow. For more information on the BBK rebranding click here. I am not sure but I believe the BBK logo was done by Artograph in bahrain.

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it doesnt matter what the object is as long as there is a good reason behind it. there is no rule that says u cant use flowers for banks but you just cant use a flower if u dont have a good reason behind it.

does it make sense?

the logo might look nice, but it’s hiding one of the crappiest service you could wish for as a small businessman in Bahrain. I don’t give tuppence about their graphic or design – with all due respect to you, your blog and your job – service MUST come first, and if the last thing a bank wants to do is take a bet on local small and medium sized businesses, they can spray all the perfume they want, they are still a lump of manure.

Artograph is my brother’s company by the way. Jamal tells me that they didn’t do it, it was a French company with a local satellite office in Manama. I could find out more if you’d like.

Great blog by the way, although this is my first comment, I do visit every day!

Mahmood, you are right that service comes first but that is something we can’t control. i personally think NBK have the crappiest logo at the moment here in Kuwait.. actually second crappiest (bkme first) but their service is great. so yeah logo doesnt always represent good service and quality, but… it might lead you to believe so at first glance, and thats how they capture the new comers..

btw, a designer i used to work with here in kuwait now works at artograph, thats how i know them. i figured artograph did the job since they have strong connections to kuwait, but yeah i would definetly like to know more about who did the logo if you can get me that info.

muscati, you can have logos that don’t need any explanation and are really crap, then you have logos that do need explanation that are really good. it can be both ways but in general a logo usually isn’t explanatory at first glance.

Tivo is a good example for your argument. At first glance you can tell it has something to do with TVs, also the name tivo has a connection to tvs. their logo is great and serves their purpose.

on the other hand the FedEx logo for example. It has an important hidden visual which represents them that a vast majority of the people don’t know about, yet this doesnt make their logo a bad one.

the BMW logo is another one, when you first look at it you cant tell what the logo is until someone tells you.

the shell logo is a even better example. it started off in the 1900’s as a picture of a shell but over time the logo became more and more stylized and simplified. today, the symbol would hardly be recognized as a shell if the company did not carry the name.

citroen logo, who would know those arrows pointing up are actually gear wheels?

hmmm this is fun no? i should maybe post a famous logo once a week and talk about it. will start off tomorrow with commerical bank of kuwait.

mark why don’t you just tell everyone that FedEx has a cool arrow pointing forward hidden and BMW which stands for Bavarian Motor Works used to make airplane engines, hence the white and the blue, propeller blades on a blue sky 😛

BBK logo? no we didnt and its clipart from a CD and the way its implemented was so cheap, Artograph didnt do it..just for everybody’s info 🙂

Agian Logo Issue!! pantone 287 Blue, Yellow, Orange, dear Kuwait can’t we get rid off from those over used colors. For me the BB suddenly took me to Burgan B and the flowers smelling Star bank!! is int it? Common guy’s as I mentioned before Logo designs are not for every one.

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