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Want a PlayStation 5 before the release date?

A local instagram account has one PlayStation 5 that they’re selling which would be delivered to the buyer between November 1st and 5th. That’s around 2 weeks before the official regional launch and a week before the US launch. But, they’re also selling it to the highest buyer in an auction with the starting bid at KD220. Nobody should be paying anything higher than KD167 really since that’s the cost locally but, in case you’ve got extra money to throw away and don’t want to wait for the official date, head over to @nintendoq8 to name your price.

Anyone know if the console will even work before the launch date?

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This reminds me, what ever happened to that guy on reddit who “sold” some gaming devices and had some major “giveaways”?

I really wish people would stop paying a higher price just because they can afford it. I find this “must have it now, must have it first” phenomenon very juvenile. What possible difference to your life will it make to have a PS5 or IPhone 12 a week before others, and if it will make a difference i would suggest reassessing your life/priorities.

The worst of it though is how it affects prices in Kuwait in general, people complain all the time about prices being excessively high here in Kuwait, yet continue to pay them. Stop buying overpriced items and eventually sellers adjust, or just get it from outside Kuwait and wait a week or two more.

I appreciate that to some the 53KD won’t make a single difference but if enough people say that (even though just waiting a week or two or even a month would mean paying regular prices) then prices increase for everybody else even those who cannot afford it or where it would make a difference. Hell just wait and give the difference to charity at least if you have the spare cash.

Just look at how car dealerships have had to adjust to the new reality. Instead of begging many of them to be put on a waitlist for the “IT” car or whatever, many dealers are now having great offers (free service, extended warranties, better trade in prices) for you to take cars off their hands.

Very well said and I totally agree. Unfortunately, I am also sure this would sell for much more than 220 KD. Probably more than double that amount.

It is not an issue in Kuwait only though, head over to Ebay and see the premiums added for anything sold out, PS5, iPhone 12, Pixel 5, etc..

Unfortunately, money will always be the one talking and taking actions, not people’s sanity or sense of logic. But again, we’re all contributing to such act in our own level of financial capabilities and needs.

I agree, even the whole pre-order madness is odd to me, because why can’t one wait until it’s readily available to purchase? Surely there will be available stock on launch day and if not, then wait a day or two or a week, what’s the rush? And are there gonna be any games available to purchase on launch day? Because I think even that can wait as well.

it’s not that difficult, time-consuming or weird to pre-order. it’s just there for people who want to have the system on launch at the regular retail price.

Why do you even want to buy a ps5 so badly right now when there’s no draw right this moment miles Morales, demon souls and even the upcoming horizon zero dawn 2 are coming to the PS4 so the only next gen exclusive will be ratchet and clank.

Are people swarming to buy ratchet and clank that bad. I am upgrading simply because I want backwards compatible titles to look better but I am waiting till January when the prices and hype go down a bit.

if you buy it retail price now (166KD) it’s not going to go down for a longgg time. Sony and Microsoft don’t generally drop prices of their consoles until further down the line.

what you’re talking about is old Rehab days where they would inflate price because of lack of availability and then eventually price settles down a few months later.

I am thinking of the total price. I am buying the console+controller (500$), additional controller for coop (70$), miles morales (50$), demon souls (70$), ratchet and clank (probably 70) that’s 690 usd or about 210.85KD.

Now when I wait a bit there will be more used copies of these games and controllers circling around suddenly I can get miles morales for 7-8KD, ratchet for 9, demon souls for 2KD as someone got triggered and just wants to get rid of the game before they break it. I might get a 3rd party controller for 5-6KD when a guest just visits me (it’s not like haptic feedback is the showstopper feature that requires a 23kd investment when my cousin just wants to play any basic coop game with me). so 19 KD for the games and 5KD for the controller and the rehab guy might bundle it for me with ps5 and shave another 10KD for good measure. so about 180 KD.

That’s 40KD shaved off and I realize I am being optimistic but maybe not too much.

I am going to wait till Dec – Jan.
I have to purchase 4k TV to actually enjoy ps5 beauty.

So in total, I have to spend another 250-275KD.

Also, as people above said let the games launch. I am eagerly waiting for Cyberpunk 2077.

Just like the link you shared says, the hrtz isn’t related to the cable it’s the screen. So if you want to play game’s with a 120hz refresh rate you need to have a tv capable of that refresh rate.

Don’t focus too much on 4k 120hz, even 1st party titles optimized for ps5 don’t run at that refresh rate. Take a look at sony’s 1st party titles, demon souls has 1440p 60hz performance mode and miles morales has a 4k60 performance mode. Console games have long struggled to even hit 60 frames. Only with the recent beast of a gpu the 3080 can pc gamers comfortably play “well optimized” at such high frame rates on 4k without sacrificing too much fidelity, and that is rated on about 30 TFLOPs in comparison to the ps5’s 10 Tflops so no don’t expect 4k120 in most demanding games.

Instead focus on image quality vs frame rates, invest in good HDR and don’t let overly technical and marketing terms like dolby digital,hdr10+ and max nits confuse you simply look up reviews and avoid overhyped specs. Also if you still want a 4k120 tv do make sure it’s native 120hz not fake 120hz, I got tricked by the marketing and thought I bought a 4k120 tv when it was actually 4k60 (usually 60hz tvs are advertised as 120hz and 120hz are advertised as 240), avoid all this hassle and just read a review online of the model you want to check if it’s true 120hz.

Here’s a video that recommends different tvs for the ps5 at different price ranges

Here are also some common mistakes people fall for

Also check rtings it’s a very good source of information. Good luck on your journey

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