Cop on Phone During Arrest

Post by Mark

Last week police arrested a man who stabbed his wife at least seven times and the video of the arrest went viral. I just got to watch the video now and found it a bit confusing since in the video it looks like civilians are arresting the murderer, while the cop is on his phone the whole time.

The video starts off with a police officer ordering a man to surrender while he had his Apple earbuds on and the phone in his hand recording the whole incident. While he is recording the video, two men in civilian clothing get closer to the man, one of them looks to be carrying a police baton. Once the man surrenders and lies down on his stomach, the two civilians proceed to secure the man down and then one of them goes to get handcuffs before coming back and handcuffing the man. Finally a second policeman comes into the video and hands something over to one of the civilians.

Now my educated guess is at least one of the civilians is actually a cop himself, probably off duty or undercover, but its still weird that the first cop was on his phone the whole time. Check out the video above to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

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  1. johnniechimpo says:

    I think it’s a fairly safe bet to assume that the two “civilians” as you put it are actually CID, not just random dudes that thought they’d join in, all CID guys are plain clothed. Just saying.

  2. dun says:

    Also why is one cop wearing the winter uniform (black color), and another one the summer uniform (puke/barf color).

  3. Tinderbox says:

    I’m pretty sure anything goes here, they don’t have to be on duty or even in uniform, just “have a cousin in the MOI” to be able to arrest ppl lol

    • Gary says:

      It’s fairly safe to say there wouldn’t be someone’s “cousin in the MOI” arresting a murderer. Imagining this actually gave me a good laugh, thank you for that.

      I am certain they are from the CID as they are always in plain clothes and usually deal with situations like this.

  4. Row says:

    Don’t know why the policeman is holding up his phone but I don’t believe the men in dishdasha are civilians. I think they were undercover police. From what I read it seems the murder happened in a different area to where he was arrested, so this might be why there were lots of undercover policies there. They might have been searching for him. The policeman in uniform might have been instructed to record the arrest.

  5. sam says:

    Mark, the two guys in dishdashas are not civilians
    those are from the investigations (maba7eth)

  6. Tom says:

    In your article you say “last week police arrested a man who stabbed his wife at least seven times”. How do you know that the man actually stabbed his wife seven times? Typically (at the time of an arrest) this sort of information wouldn’t be public, and in some cases not even proven, before a case would go through a judicial process. Until a verdict is reached, it is only an alleged stabbing. Am I wrong?

  7. [[ says:

    I think they’re criminal investigators, their job is to look exactly as normal civilians.

  8. john says:

    Well, I assume police officer on his phone is taking a video (evidence). Whilst the men in the dishdashas are actual policemen as well. Use of ‘civilians’ is #fakenews

  9. EBRAHIM says:

    The men wearing traditional wear are not civilian. They are police officers uncovered.

  10. khaled says:

    If you are not familiar with local police procedures then its easy to be confused, but yes the men in dishdashas are undercover police. While the police officer with the phone is recording the arrest for evidence since they were tipped off of the murder this was pre-planned…the recording can then be used in case the man confesses while the arrest takes place

  11. q8_lucky says:

    Most arrest warrants are carried out in Kuwait by CID officers (mabaheth). They don’t wear police cloth nor drive police car, it’s the nature of their job to stay undercover.

  12. Onetimebingo says:

    I believe the Policeman is recording for evidence as mentioned by Khaled possibly in case of a confession during the arrest, or to ensure the arrest was made with proper methods as this is one of the most contested problems as per the local papers, that the method of search and arrest were illegal.

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