Kuwait by John Feeney (1974)

Post by Mark

This is a short 23 minute documentary on Kuwait that dates back to 1974. While watching it I felt there was something different about it, the soundtrack along with the framing of some of the shots made this documentary feel a bit artsy. Then near the end of the film at the 18:30 mark, it started to get a bit trippy, like a mixture of Apocalypse Now and 2001: A Space Odyssey. So once the film was over I waited for the credits to roll to see who it was directed by and turns out it was directed by a guy called John Feeney who was nominated for an Academy Award.. twice! So totally worth watching, if you don’t have the time then just forward to 18:30 of the film. [YouTube]

Film by Filmoteca Española

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  1. Wahab says:

    When are you planning on updating the Kuwait Blogs app. Most of the blogs are dead. I still use it because of frankom, kuwaitiful, and 248AM. I feel like updating the app with the recent blog list you posted would be really great and convenient

    • Mark says:

      The app is no longer in the Apple Store and I don’t even have a copy of it. It’s not worth updating since other than my blog nobody else is blogging anymore to make an app worth it.

  2. zyser says:

    thanks for that, love these kinds of posts. Watching this reminded me of a video from 1978, as part of the BBC documentary Connections, presented by James Burke, in the last 7 minutes of the episode it shows the presenter on the Kuwait Towers. I remember at the time we used to live in Bneid al-Gar and it was cool to see a BBC documentary with footage not far from where I lived. Here’s the video and wind to the last 7 minutes or so


    The whole series is interesting (you can get it on DVD)

    • Mark says:

      oh wow nice one. I love how at minute 44 the bedouin in the Cadillac on the phone suddenly has an American accent when he’s talking to his friend in NY.

  3. zyser says:

    The Bridgestone tyres neon light advert at the end credits, I remember this was hanging on a building near the Al Shaheed Park, just as you drive towards downtown. It was unmissable as you enter the city.

    Incidentally this documentary was broadcast in Kuwait around 1979 or 1980, on KT2.

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