Mannequin Challenge at a Nuqat Workshop

Post by Mark

If you don’t know what the mannequin challenge is, it’s basically a new craze that went viral a couple of weeks back where people freeze in a scene. A ton of celebrities have made their own videos including, Hillary Clinton with Bon Jovi, LeBron James with Michelle Obama, Ronaldo, Sesame Street and so many more. I’ve been kinda waiting for a Kuwait version to pop up and it did yesterday. It was shot at a Nuqat workshop and if it wasn’t for the people in the background it would have been pretty flawless. Check it out above.


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  1. jm says:

    Bon Jovi is a Legend

  2. M says:

    Check out Crossfit FDT’s instagram page, they did one last week as well

  3. Hamad says:

    Those on the background ruined it T-T

  4. Ozzy says:

    Not that many people there unfortunately..maybe because their prices are so high! lol

  5. Ozzy says:

    The girl on the chair in the beginning moved a lot..and then changed pose in the end..

  6. Ahmed says:

    Dude! Check out jazeera Airways page! They did it too

  7. Sumaiya says:

    Check our Yalda Golsharifi’s Instagram page they made one yesterday it’s really nice

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