VICE: Fast Food of Arabia now on YouTube

Post by Mark

In case you didn’t watch the episode last April when it was first aired on HBO, VICE have released the episode “Fast Food of Arabia” that features Kuwait onto YouTube. Here is a summary of the episode:

As Americans become increasingly health-conscious and junk food sales plateau in the States, fast food companies are spreading to new global markets, expanding their revenue — and the waistlines of their customers.

VICE correspondent Gianna Toboni travels to Kuwait, now one of the most obese countries on the planet, to witness the health effects on a country deep in the throes of an unlikely obsession with U.S. fast food.

screenshot from VICE episode on Kuwait

For my previous post on this episode, click [Here]

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  1. vampire says:

    Was about to email u about this vid.
    Watching it at the moment

  2. Mishal F A Abul says:

    USA has the highest amount of obese people in the world but if you break it down based on per capita, than Kuwait is higher than USA. According to World Rankings USA is 33% & Kuwait is 39%. Ive noticed USA becoming alot more health concerned in the last few years. Qatar is #8 in the world & Kuwait is #11 in the world.

    • Monya says:

      Ya in big metro cities are becoming health conscious but not middle america and remote counties in other west and coast states

  3. Hamad says:

    Why the repost?

  4. yousef says:

    I love anything that shines light on the realities of Kuwait.

  5. Nasser says:

    I love Fast Food

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