New Menu at Johnny Rockets

Post by Patrick

I had dinner at Johnny Rockets last night and found out that they had updated their menu with some new items. They even added a little side-menu for all the different variations of soda you can get, including some strange combinations like Coca-Cola & Chocolate.

Posted by Patrick

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  1. Randy says:

    Coca-Cola & chocolate not crazy at all. Drive-ins & diners across America have been servin up that pairing for decades & decades. I notice the menu says Coca-Cola Freestyle which is a fountain machine that mixes the flavors. Do they have it at JR?

    • Patrick says:

      I just can’t fathom the mix of Coke & Chocolate, made me really curious, but I ended up trying the raspberry flavor. From what I noticed they weren’t mixing the flavors with the fountain machine, it was syrup based.

    • Mark says:

      Someone needs to get that machine to Kuwait but from what I understood the local coke dealer doesn’t have the supplies for it so everything would have to be imported.

  2. Name (required) says:

    Their flavor pricing used to be 150 and increased to 250 it’s not like they are using magical syrup or flavors.

    It’s not a coca cola flavors, it’s the same flavors starbucks and most coffee shops uses, so why the increase in pricing? I love johnny but as a customer i don’t like to get ripped off, not by an increase of 100 fils neither getting double cheese when i didn’t ask for it, welcome to Kuwait.

    • Patrick says:

      I don’t think it’s the same flavors as the ones found at Starbucks because there were flavors I don’t think you’d find there.

      As for your double cheese issue, you should have sent it back, the waiters and waitresses are usually really friendly about that.

      • Name (required) says:

        Patrick, what i meant by flavors i meant the same provider aka manufacture of syrup it’s called Monin, they use it to mix coffee, soda and different stuff, juice shops use it as well so after all it’s not a magical syrup.

        My double cheese issue was taken care of, I paid only 350 and not 700 because i didn’t ask for double cheese, the waiter asked me a question “would you like cheese? I replied “Yes” there was no mention of double cheese or extra cheese. after all many customers wouldn’t pay attention to that, would you blame the Kuwaiti customer for not paying attention? or some would not go through the embarrassment as what some of them think it is.

        all I’m saying that in my point of view as a customer who eats there 3 times a week and love their chicken breasts, i’m not attacking or hating, i’m just a customer who would like to eat at a place in Kuwait and not get ripped off, be that a 100 fils or 1 KD, so from my point of view again It’s not the chicken price or the burger price i’m talking about here, it’s the fact that the soda used to cost 800 and with a shot of syrup would go for 950 fils, world crisis didn’t increase the flavors prices by %60 again i’m talking as a customer who have been around and love johnny but it’s going the same road as starbucks.

  3. aaa says:

    They actually had Coca Cola+ Chocolate for years it was just hidden in the menu. I used to get Coke+Cherry.

  4. Randy says:

    You ain’t lyin :) been wanting to try one out

  5. these mixes sound yukky a bit, dont mind trying though

  6. Abdou says:

    they add syrups to the drinks. it’s nothing different from what they used to do. What more have they added to the menu? While their burgers taste good, they make it extremely greasy…which is not what “american” burgers are supposed to be. A grilled burger is anything but greasy, and JR hasn’t understood that.

    • Patrick says:

      They used to have flavored Cola, but they didn’t have a comprehensive list of it in their menu, it was kind of a “secret” menu before. They also added some other items to the menu like Sweet Potato French Fries and Cheese Fries with Bacon Bits and some other sandwiches and burgers.

      I agree on your point that JR burgers can be a bit too greasy, but it also just depends on what kind of burger you order and what’s in it. It’s annoying how they sometimes fall apart and the bacon can be a bit too chewy, which makes the burger even messier.

      • Abdou says:

        Their bacon is like burnt leather. It smells gross and it certainly difficult to chew. I don’t understand how a restaurant that claims to be all american, charges .950 fils + .250 for flavored coke and has to mix flavoring in it. They cannot get cherry coke or diet coke with lime imported? I feel like they’re just looking to charge high prices to a population who doesn’t mind paying for it because they don’t know better. I mean, just import some of the products here and justify your high prices rather than selling a fake version of it.

  7. Yousef says:

    Meh, disgusting.

  8. Rita says:

    i personally love that their burgers are greasy!! I also find JR in Kuwait tastier than any other JR I’ve eaten at. As for the soda list, I’ve never even had regular soda there… chocolate milkshake is the way to go!

  9. unknown says:

    i dont like to taste fancy flavors so yesterday i tried coke with lemon :D and my friends tasted the coke with raspberry

  10. 248 am lover says:

    johnny rockets in kuwait sell flavored coke and sprite !!!???!! all of the johnny rocket branches?!

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