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Let’s face it. We’ve all been on vacation. We all know what it’s like to gain a pound or two or five. I have been a victim of really good food in foreign places. Yes, I ate the pizza. Yes, I ate the pasta. And, yes the fried things were delicious. I was a victim of not caring about the consequences of weight gain. Because, I was the one at the table ordering dessert. I was the one ordering the ‘Lava Fudge’ chocolate thing, when everyone else was full. I was a victim of really good food. If this sounds familiar, if this sounds like you, then maybe we can be friends.
I was like, sure, I’ll just go back to Kuwait and I’ll eat like a human being again, that’s easy. It wasn’t and I didn’t. Getting back into the groove was the single hardest thing I ever had to do. At work, when people ordered from ‘X’ I ordered the carbs. I ordered the hummus with the bread. It was me. It was pretty sad to lose so much self-control. It was sad when I realized I lost the battle to ‘batata hara’. I am not proud, but such things happen.

After gaining an inordinate amount of weight, I realized maybe I should opt for one of those diet delivery services. Having a preset menu each day, means I can limit myself from gorging when the only option was left-over machboos when I got home from work.

There were many, as you may already know. Most of these delivery services focused on low calorie and horrible carb intake. They would serve you mrabyan and baryani things. Their nutritions were off. They had lasagna Thursdays, pasta Tuesdays, macbhoos Mondays. But no fiber Saturdays, or low carb Sundays. They were just low calorie empty carbs that did nothing but slow down your metabolism. Basically, their “diet” plans could have been planned by Qamar Al-Din (our driver) and none would be the wiser.

I recently discovered that there are crazy Eastern European specialist who decided to start a diet service, there are at last count 4 that I could find on Instagram. It was interesting and I immediately subscribed. They had paleo options, low carb options…etc, I went with the simple low carb one. Chicken, fish and veggie main dishes. I lasted about a week, right before the problems started to happen. The problem was, they weren’t chefs, and it showed. They did things to passion fruit and chocolate pudding, that they probably shouldn’t have. Not to get into a lot of detail, but I ended up referring to them at work to ‘allah iykarm al ni3ma’ box that I gave to the cleaning crew.

What was even more absurd was the 220 and 240 kd they were asking for a 3 meal plan and a snack for 26 days. Being the fat person that I was post my Mykonos trip, I thought “yes, that was the price to pay for not having a six pack.” but it wasn’t. These people are crazy, Eastern European trainers who wouldn’t know any better. And the less said about the bigger “diet” companies the better. Those were a complete joke. Fun fact number 1: Did you know some of them charge 40 kd to do a blood test to determine your “diet meal plan” but end up giving you the same meal plan as everyone else? Because your blood type has nothing to do with what ever food you should be shoving down your mouth.

Skip here for tldr;

So to summarize: Diet food delivery services tend not to taste so good (at least for me, if you love it, all the power to you), they’re not constantly nutritious (also debatable, but bare with me) and those that were nutritious were just inedible (I have yet to find a service that would break this rule). Worst of all, I’ve come to learn that they take a really big margin.

I did the math, basically it costs 200-240kd for a full 26 day program (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack) depending on who you talk to.

But, I came to a much more interesting conclusion. If you are as lazy as I am, and you want to have your meals delivered to you without thinking about the consequences, there are options. Options much better than the ones mentioned above.


If this post gets some traction, I’d like to update this with a different restaurant every other month. But, for this month I am going to make a ‘weight lose’ plan for Pick Yo. The focus here is on a low carb and aggressively low calorie diet (1200-1300 calories).

Below is a link to a schedule of meals that you can get from Pick that will give you the daily recommended dosage of protein and carbs all for the super low cost of 188 kd a month. Also, it’s not disgusting. I’ve also attached an excel sheet (and Apple Numbers for all you Mac fans) to change the plan around to your desired outcome. Let me know what you think!

Link to [PDF]
Link to [Excel]
Link to [Numbers]

Please note, that I am not a trained dietitian, or an expert on anything. You might die if you follow this diet, but probably not. Basically, the advice you’re getting here is the same one you’ll be getting from any/most/all diet services available in the country today. Only with less BS.

Happy weight loss.

Post by Saud Alkhateib, an amateur Photographer/Videographer who also really loves food. Founder of

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Are you cutting. Or just trying to lose weight. Extreme diet is good for weight loss but you lose a bit of muscle too if you are not careful, which happened to me. So now I try to reduce a bit below maintenance but not too much. Keeping carbs (which I didn’t eat any at all when I was dieting) post workout only. Keep protein high and training so you minimize muscle loss.

  2. Sonya says:

    Nice post. I do hope it gains the traction you’re looking for, I would like to see updates.

  3. Ali says:

    why not vegan diet for all instead of yoyo diet and starvation program. check and check and it is also good for your health, environment and the animals. paleo diet is a recipe to weight gain long term and health diseases.

  4. dfine says:

    I know the Eastern Europeen chefs you are talking too.

    And you are wrong!!!

    Paleo is about health in terms of removing grain, diary and pre processed food from your diet. Who causes havok on digestive track.

    It taste different, of course when you remove wheat, butter and cream etc it will not taste the same.

    BUT You will feel a whole lot better, I cured IBS with this food option. Not to mention I lost 7KG and look a lot better. People keep asking me if I did a facial.. that for me is the proof in the pudding.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think he was disagreeing with the paleo or low carb diet, he was just saying the food tasted terrible because the trainers are not chefs.

      • dfine says:

        he is not a trainer he is a chef.. PaulPaleo Q8 if we are talking about the same.

        • Mark says:

          He didn’t mention a specific person he dealt with in the post, he said there were 4 different europeans trainers who did this. No mention of a chef so you’re talking about someone else.

    • Saudk says:

      Nobody is debating that they offer a “healthier” option. And to be fair, their food wasn’t bad all of the time. I also did lose weight using their diet. I mean you have to when the food is super extremely healthy, no?

      I am giving another cheaper more practical option for the most of us that can’t give up grains and want a health–ier way to manage their weight.

      • dfine says:

        Healthy is one thing… loosing weight is another.
        the positive is that working with Paleo you will never be hungry and you will reduce your inflammation that grain, diary and sugar create.

        Just don’t judge because it is healthy clean food,
        clean is not filled with sugar to sweeten your buds.

        lets face it, we are a generation of sweet tooth’s, and we are used to food tasting kinda sweet.. like white bread, pasta etc…

        Paleo is low in the sugary effect, it’s base upon an old stone age way of eating. And frankly it is the only way forward.

        • Mark says:

          I think you’re misunderstanding the post and his comments and what Paleo is as well. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad because it’s healthy.

          You can have a delicious Paleo meal and you can have a terrible tasting one, it doesn’t mean the terrible tasting one is healthier. Paleo doesn’t mean healthy food that tastes bad.

  5. MJ says:

    I love you.

  6. Altaf says:

    Excellent post. Everything you wrote about is too true and the same problem all of us have in Kuwait with these money making machine “diet centers” . Thanks for sharing and please post updates.

  7. T-rex says:

    I like your post, intellectual, logic and sound.

    Keep posting!

  8. Saudk says:

    Thanks, I will, I already started research on the next restaurant for the feature!

  9. Ipsom says:

    How about the amount of sodium?

  10. Amal says:

    Cool post! In fact if you keep doing this for multiple resturantsl I am gonna turn them excel sheets into a small booklet and carry it around with me and you know mix and match. Thanks for doing the homework we should be doing.

    That said, I do have a few observations to make before we exclude diet centers completely, so bare with me :)

    1. I am actually on a diet plan right now (lunch & dinner) for 169 KD for 28 days. I chose this plan coz when I asked what breakfast was, I realized it’s doable at home & I can take it with me to the office, but the price goes up significantly if I include it in the package. So when you decide to pick a diet center, ask your dietitian loads of questions about what you are getting and read the menu & the different packages, so you maximize on value, get something within your budget, & gives you results. If we do the math I am getting lunch, dinner, 2 salads, fruits, & dessert for 6 KD. That’s almost 3 Mochas / Lattes. Oh and food is yummy for the most part.

    2. The package I am doing gives me a lot of dishes to choose from, so while I agree they should care about nutrients, I believe it’s on the person to pick the dishes that maximize nutritional intake. I could chose hummus dip everyday instead of a salad (coz hummus is life) but I don’t.

    3. Having worked for the F&B industry, you have to keep in mind that any food provider is in it for the big margins. Big margins, or any margin, for that matter is not a crime. They are offering a service for a price. If the price is unreasonable or the service is really bad, they’d go out of business, simple market economics.

    4. A diet center needs to be perceived for what it is –> A jump start for portion control & weight loss. In other words, it helps you see results so you can keep going. They are no lifestyle miracle workers or mindset changers. And I don’t think you should do them for a long time. Hurts your soul & your pocket. But you can learn a thing or two from them about portions & how your body responds to food. What you are doing is a lot better of course, because you are in full control & fit in a wider variety of restaurants in your lifestyle, but sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction.

  11. Nadz says:

    Please continue posting! Youre post felt like you were sitting in my brain and reading my mind!

  12. meh says:

    Diet companies are a good solution for people who don’t have the time to prepare and order food.

    • Mark says:

      The problem I have with diet companies is they don’t educate you. People don’t learn what to eat and not eat after they’re off their diets. That’s why majority of the people gain the weight again after they stop.

      • meh says:

        Most people believe that these foods are prepared with magical diet ingredients that will make them lose weight, while they just serve regular food just in small portions. I mean you have rice, pastas in creamy cheesy sauces and sweets. I don’t think anyone can learn what to eat from them.

  13. Caveman says:

    I think you are not right and lacking nutritional knowledge
    Or maybe you are depressed because you not happy about your self the way you look the way your others look at you! And in general I can understand how unhealthy person feels it’s hard to be positive then your body is sick! Then your body and entire hormonal system is not functioning properly it’s hard to live and you just want to blame others!
    You should really try PALEO and join some CrossFit gym may we could see smile on your face

    • Mark says:

      you sound disgruntled

      • Nina says:

        I think he is…I followed his Paleo food plan while working out twice a day and I didn’t drop much…Anything I managed to lose is most likely from my intense workout program. Not to mention the food was inconsistent and was clearly in testing early stages (something he admitted to) yet was charging KD200+ a month for it. And when I referred my friend early on in my program, he charged her a different price. Unprofessional and amateurs using a blanket one size fits all. They may know how to eat and train right for themselves but definitely dont customize anything according to your body or requirements. Its a rip off and Im so glad someone called them out on it. LOVE THIS POST!

        • Thanks Nina! I really didn’t mean to upset anyone, including Caveman (I dont know who this person is). But blaming me and calling me depressed because I didnt like the overpriced zuchini and pineapple salad is not a rational argument.

          • Your ExBoss says:

            This article is superb! I love the tongue in cheek humour and the deadpan responses! Like this one^. I’ve got the office door closed thankfully cos I’m laughing out loud!

    • Lina says:

      Wow so unprofessional of you to start labeling a client of yours as depressed and being sick..that’s the cost of doing business, caveman, some people will like it and others won’t. Clearly you can’t handle that (which was also obvious by your lack of professionalism in dealing with clients signed up to the plan). I tried it and whilst some meals were good, it was very inconsistent and there were days when the meals were absolutely horrible and at times tasted like they went bad. The plan did absolutely nothing for me, advice for people looking to lose weight do not opt for a one size fits all type of meal plan. On top of that I was charged a different price because your prices “increased” and when I gave my feedback to you after I was done you couldn’t even bother to respond! Anyway, this post is awesome and I could totally relate, keep the posts coming!

  14. afnanzn says:

    paleo was great for me, dropped 5kg, felt leaner & healthy but fucked up my hairline :(
    Mark whats the update on your keto diet?

    • Mark says:

      Taking a break from keto, did it for 6 months but then started craving a bunch of things I couldn’t have so decided I’ll stop and get back on it in January. Maybe. Kinda enjoying eating whatever I want right now in moderation. Will see if I can keep my weight and not gain a lot and then based on that decide if I want to go back to keto.

  15. Khalifa says:

    I can’t agree more with you. I have subscribed with the “Eastern European Chief” couple of months ago. Disgusting food!

    I have tried several meal packages. The ABSOLUTE best is @caveboy_grubs the healthiest, most delicious, amazing clean ingredients. Hands down worth it all the way!!

    • Mark says:

      just checked the account out, food looks pretty good but do we have to make it? I couldn’t find any info on the meal packages, just recipes.

      • Khalifa says:

        No! He delievers daily. He has 2 plans but you should contact him in advance as he is very busy and can’t take many clients. He is the one cooking the food. Trust me outstanding delicious best quality food you will ever find.

  16. Safa says:

    Very informative post. keep posting.

  17. Caveman says:

    How much did they pay for you ?

  18. Ahmed El Darawi says:

    I truly understand what you are saying but this Doctor changed my life.. You should look into the matter…

  19. Crazy Eastern European says:

    It’s very simple to choose nutritional company if you think logically!!!
    It is couple main reasons way People having moder diseases and obesity or diabetes and stuff like that or simply overweight
    1. Processed “food” ( processed carbs one of the biggest)
    2. Sugar
    3. Dairy (any milk products) because it is not for humans and specifically now then it’s pasteurized and full of antibiotics
    4. Gluten ( bread and stuff like that) genetically we can’t eat it
    5. Calories counting! Probably for the last 50 years we count call and look where we are now 50 % population is fat in Kuwait 70 % how u still believe in that commercial trick
    Summary: if any diet company offers any thing from this list slap them in to face

    And by the way I’m not caveboy crumbs I’m what u call crazy Eastern European

  20. Crazy Eastern European says:

    Caveboy crumbs love you brother
    You doing a good job for PALEO community in Kuwait
    Keep up the good job
    I know you are not an athlete or nutritionist but you are great chef
    And I truly respect that

    Kindly @cavemanq8

  21. kkarakk says:

    Interesting ideas all round but is cooking ie meal prep really that hard/time consuming? 200kd for a single person’s monthly dinner sounds flagrantly wasteful to me personally.
    then again i guess the price is for all the variety in the menu plus restaurant quality.

  22. Crazy Eastern European says:

    That’s the problem in this country people getting confused reading articles like that
    What can understand a blogger about nutrition and athletic performance, been paid to right the article

    • Listen, its one opinion about your service, you should probably just move on. Bad things will happen, its ok. People will always have opposing opinions. You need to learn how to accept it and crossfit it and paleo it.

    • Mark says:

      You know you’ve pretty much screwed yourself by posting here. Saud didn’t mention who you were or give a clue to who he was talking about in his post but now because of your comments, people will definitely be avoiding you. Forget about the fact if your food tastes any good or not but if this is how you talk to people, I don’t think anyone would want to deal with you.

      And to top it off to come in here and try and poke holes in my blogs credibility? who the fuck are you to do that?

      In any case you’re no longer welcomed to comment here and I don’t think anyone is going to miss you. good luck with your business.

  23. Mcarabian says:

    Best ‘diet plan’ that worked for me was simple calorie counting. I wish more restaurants in Kuwait would post the calorie content of their food. It would make it easier for dieters to choose them over Diet Center, Health Stop, Lowfat, etc. when ordering from Talabat.

  24. Dhary says:

    The post really added to my health conscious and gave me good alternatives. I do agree that diet meal plans here in Kuwait are not the best solution to the weight gain problem. Great advice, I took em!

    With all that being said, I just believe you could’ve refrained from writing things like “meal plans that could be planned our driver” or “food so inedible that I give it to the cleaning lady” and still delivered your point. It just had a derogatory sense to it that is instilled into our society as common acceptable behavior. A blog writer is writing about food, what makes a driver so incapable? (Not marginalizing bloggers and blog writers, but empowering drivers) and we eat tasty food and whenever its horrible we give it to cleaning ladies? Maybe I am exaggerating here, maybe not everything should be critically assessed as our society leaves you restless if you go down that road. But I just wanted throw in my two cents.

    If you did not sound like an awesome person (and the way you’ve handled the comments section) I wouldn’t have bothered saying this. I hope this doesn’t bother you. Take care!

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