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Pajamas Inspired by the Landscapes of Kuwait

Ibrah is a new ethical and sustainable online fashion store designed and produced in Kuwait. They recently launched a new look book showcasing their ‘serene pajama collection.’

The collection features pajamas with unique prints inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Kuwait. There are six distinctive patterns, each capturing the diverse natural elements found in Kuwait.

The pajamas are for both men and women, and there are kids sizes as well.

The whole concept is very interesting, and I like the fact that they were inspired by Kuwait, but then actually went ahead and produced them in Kuwait. Browsing their website the prices also seem very reasonable considering they’re a limited run.

If you want to check them out, visit their instagram account @shop.ibrah and also make sure you visit their website

8 replies on “Pajamas Inspired by the Landscapes of Kuwait”

Are you serious? 27 is definitely reasonable unless you’re comparing to just a plain Hanes tshirt and shorts. Even H&M which is cheap has 25kd pajamas and those are mass produced in factories

At Zara you’re looking at around 30kd and again mass volumes and produced in factories.

So 27 for a unique limited run locally produced pj looks like great value in comparison.

I love the patterns but the dressing gowns look a tad light. I guess you could have a tailor have it lined (lots of brands do that). But I must ask.. why is everyone in Kuwait soo stingy?! You make more than any western country, pay no taxes, no fees, nearly free healthcare and dirt cheap rents (considering in the west you pay for utilities and council tax)… where is all this negativity coming from? Fr, you people wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the real world.

How dare you. They all are in the real world…they have their selfies, social media infleuncers, Starbucks

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