Rewards by Red Bull MOBILE by Zain

Earlier this month, I got to visit the Red Bull Racing Factory in the UK. As a huge Formula 1 fan, it was an incredible opportunity and experience.

It all came about because of Red Bull MOBILE by Zain’s Weekly Rewards program. Every week Red Bull MOBILE by Zain has a small competition for their customers in which you can win various Red Bull related experiences and gear. Back in January they launched their biggest reward yet, an all-inclusive trip to visit the Red Bull Racing Factory in the UK. There would be two winners with each winner able to bring one companion with them on the trip.

Red Bull MOBILE by Zain asked me if I wanted to tag along on this trip with the winners, and I of course said yes.

The tour was insane, we got to see so much of the process behind designing and building an F1 car, and I couldn’t believe I was really there seeing it all in person. Majority of the tour involved being inside secured areas where no photography was allowed, but we were allowed to take photos inside their main hall where we were surrounded by the Red Bull championship-winning race cars, as well as the heritage department that works on restoring and keeping the older F1 cars running (they’re used for Red Bull Road shows around the world).

The winners of this trip were also F1 fans like me, one of the couples actually flew the next day from London all the way to Bahrain so they could be there for the first F1 race of the season. For sports fans, the Red Bull MOBILE by Zain rewards program is an incredible opportunity to win so many cool prizes from the world of Red Bull every week.

This Ramadan, Red Bull MOBILE by Zain also has an offer going on where all their plans are doubled. For example, with their Ready KD6 plan you now get 200GB’s and 200mins the first month instead of 100GB/100mins, and then the second month you get 400GB/400mins and the third month you get 600GB/600mins.

If you’re an F1 fan or just a sports fan in general, you should really think of signing up with them. For more info, check out @redbullmobilekw

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