Waa7a – Restaurant reviews in Kuwait

Posted by Mark

waa7a logoAs some of you might have noticed I have a new sponsor, Waa7a.com. They will be replacing Al-Ghanim Automotive who had been with me since April of last year.

Waa7a is a restaurant database and review site. Its all user generated content so if there is a restaurant thats not listed you can add it and if there is a restaurant you want to rate and review you can do so. Someone for example gave Hard Rock Cafe a positive review which I disagreed with so I wrote another review that reflected my experience which was negative one. Its a pretty cool idea and should be even cooler once a lot more people start posting their reviews.

The site design and features are still being adjusted and fine tuned so if anyone has any feedback you can email it to them or leave it below in the comments. I am posting reviews there under the name “Mark” and so far I think I have only 5 or 6 reviews.

So if you feel like writing reviews and rating restaurants then check out Waa7a.com

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248AM statistics for 2006

Posted by Mark

Here are the statistics for 2006 but I am telling you from now, 2007 is going to be a lot more fun thats for sure. I already have a couple of cool things lined up including new sponsors and new stuff for the blog, one which I am hoping works out soon because it will involve me and a couple of super cars. Thank you everyone for being part of this blog either by contributing with the comments or even just by visiting. Thank you!

Total amount of unique visitors for 2006: 901,989
Total amount of page impressions for 2006: 7,863,277
Highest amount of unique visitors per month: December – 117,943
Highest amount of page impressions per month: November – 1,224,453

If you haven’t checked the Forum yet then you are missing out on a lot. With over 21,000 articles and 635 users its really an informative place. There is even a section for buying and selling stuff where people have sold things ranging from mobile phones and Nintendo Wii’s to laptops and cars. So pass by and check it out. [Forum]

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What do you want to read?

Posted by Mark

In the comments to my Nearly There post, a reader commented saying that I needed to “add more interesting stuff which appeals to a broader audience”. I try my best to scour the web everyday trying to find interesting stuff to post, I also spend most of my day looking for stuff to post wherever I go and some days I find a lot of stuff and other days its a struggle.

My question is what would you, my readers like to see more of in this blog? I don’t know if I will change the content much since the formula at the moment must be working if people are coming back, but it would still be interesting to read what you guys would like.

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Nearly There

Posted by Mark

November had the highest amount of visitors come to this site. The total for November was 97,411 unique visitors and they generated 160,612 hits. If November had 31 days we would have been able to top 100,000 visitors. We’re nearly there.

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2:48AM Pimped out Cookies

Posted by Mark

Choowy Goowy Logo

I was talking to one of the owners of Choowy Goowy when we ended up talking about different kinds of cookies and what cookies I would make if I had a bakery. One thing led to another and basically me and Nat are now invited to create our own cookies. Tomorrow evening we will be visiting the Choowy Goowy bakery and with their help we will be creating our own cookies. We will experiment with a variety of flavors and ideas and our best creation will be sold by Choowy Goowy for a limited time.

Now I have a lot of ideas for cookies but I thought I would share them with you guys first. Some sound strange but I want to do them out of curiosity and they might even end up tasting good:

– Cookie with a soft nutella chocolate core
– Pizza Cookies. Cookie dough mixed with tomato paste and stuffed with mushrooms and olives
– 4 Cheese cookies
– Chocolate chip cookie dipped in chocolate sauce
– Rice krispy cookies
– Plain cookie dipped in chocolate sauce topped with cornflakes
– Tempura cookies
– A healthy cookie probably stuffed with broccoli and something
– Bubblegum flavored cookies
– Zaatar cookies
– Cookies with cocopuffs
– Oreo cookies
– Choco-Banana cookies

After sharing my ideas with the Choowy Goowy guy I felt he was going to take his invite back. Luckily he didn’t or should I say hasn’t yet. I will continue brainstorming on some cookie ideas and might add more to the list.

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Video Blogging

Posted by Mark

I was thinking today, maybe I should start video blogging. I have a miniDV cam, there is YouTube and I already have a blog so its very easy to just start adding video blogs here. The thing is though, what can I video blog about? Anyone got any ideas? Anyone outside Kuwait who wants to see a video of a certain place here? Should I do a documentary on something related to Kuwait? How about videos of popular places in Kuwait like Kuwait Towers, Zoo, Entertainment City? What would you guys find interesting?

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The 2:48AM Forum

Posted by Mark

The forum is a place for users to ask questions and share with others whatever they like. To access the forum just click on the Forum link in the navigation bar on top or click the following link [Forum]

Note: I will be reposting this post every now and then for new comers.

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Another strange email!

Posted by Mark

I had to post this because I couldn’t stop laughing. This is an email I just received now:

Dear Sir,Assalamualaikum

I would like to go to Cochin in May 2006.How I can check the availability of seat ,cost and also how to reserve and purchase it.

I expect a speedy reply and Wishing all the best for Aljazeera airways.

with prayers shihab

So now people think I own a football team and Jazeera Airways.

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Strange Emails

Posted by Mark

Since I put the Contact Us link on top I started to get strange emails. Not spam mind you, just emails that seem very out of place. Today I got one which I thought I would share with you as an example:

Dear Sir/Ma

Good day to u how are u and ur kindred hope all is moving fine with u am Mr Ganiyu am from Nigeria i played footbal for Julius Beger football club in Ibadan state.

Am a good player and am looking for a club that l can share my talent with please l will be happy if u can really have in ur club.

I will be looking forward to hear from u soon.


update: Here is another example of an email I just received:

i just want to know that if you have medical based pathology book exp. (D. M. L. T.) if u have this type of book so pls send me a mail as soon as possible.


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Stuff for Sale

Posted by Mark

I just opened up a new section in the forum called “What People are Selling”. If you have something you want to sell you can post it in there. [Link]

Also if there is something you want and you can’t seem to find. You can now post your request in the “What People Want” section. [Link]

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