Repairing an iPhone screen for cheap

Post by Mark


After dropping my iPhone a million times I finally managed to shatter the screen a few days ago. Originally I was going to have FixAid repair the screen since they quoted me KD25 which I thought was reasonable but I was in Hawalli this morning and the first repair shop I found quoted me KD16. When did it become so cheap to replace an iPhone 5 screen? Yesterday I was considering getting an iPhone cover but now I’m like it’s just cheaper to swap the screen if it breaks again.

The shop I went to is called I Pro Company and they’re located in the building right after Blink (keep Blink on your left). Their phone number is 22648118 if you need to get an estimate and here they are on [Google Maps]

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  1. neoark25 says:

    There is two type of change for screen, one is the upper top which is the one get cracked for screen, and other one is whole screen not just upper one.

    So, i changed mine around 12k.d. Just upper top screen, replacing it whole is 20k.d.

  2. Salue says:

    Screen has been cheap for years now, if you get it from a normal repair shop it will be super cheap from 10 to 15 to 20 KWD as a Max price as its not ” Authentic ” but if you got for the official retailer they would charge to much because its ” Authentic ” fixed my familys ipad for 15 KWD at hawally Chinese store

  3. aaa says:

    What about fixing a broken lock key because mine hasn’t worked for more than a year

  4. s says:

    What about fixing a broken volume control button and the power button? Both seem stuck on my phone and can’t be pressed

  5. C says:

    I have broken 3 screens this year, and I have found that the 12 KD screens are easily broken. It took me probably 50 drops to finally crack my original screen, but the Bin Khaldoon screens take almost nothing to break. I now have a full cover.

  6. John says:

    iPhone screens are like 48 bucks (with free shipping) on eBay and older iPhones are obviously cheaper. They’re like $200+ from an Apple store (no joke), which is cheap for “some” of you.

  7. Hadil says:

    thanks a lot , it was helpful and the guys there did their job perfectly and really they got the ethics , because some shops said to me there are original screen but guess what there is not in Kuwait original screen for all iPhones .

  8. Stav says:

    I am grateful for your blog about this shop. I broke my iphone 6 yesterday night and I can’t sleep properly thinking of how i can fix my phone. Then I ran into your blog this morning and thought to myself to give it a try… I went to the chinese guy first and check how much will they charge me, since I’ve been there before and they fixed my ipod 4th gen for 12kd. They are charging me for the screen of iphone 6 for 55kd. So i said i’ll come back and check this store… They charge me for 20 kd and they work fast. In less than 20minutes my phone looks brand new…. Thanks for this info… And the next time I break my iphone i’ll come back there. Though I hope he next time i break my phone will still be a long time

  9. Desert bunny says:

    I just called to replace my iPhone 6S screen 38KD for not being original

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