Escape from Kuwait

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Escape from Kuwait is an interesting short story about a guy who managed to escape Kuwait through the desert during the 1990 Iraq invasion. Below is an excerpt from the story:

As time wore on it was becoming obvious the Iraqis wouldn’t leave. And, one by one, the families I was providing with sustenance were “discovered” (informants were rampant) and arrested. I also ran out of Dinars. I did what everyone was doing to stay alive: I used to drive up to Basrah (the Iraqi city neighbouring Kuwait) to sell my electronics one by one; first the VCR, then another, then my Boom Box, my mini Hi-Fi, then the big stereo, the small TV etc… The only thing nobody wanted was my Amiga 1000. When these had gone I started disposing of the white goods: the dishwasher, the dryer, the fridge (we had practically doubles of everything). Iraqis were eager to buy since such goods were not widely available in their land, but the money they paid was peanuts. Still, no choice. The situation gradually became desperate, and I realised that I had to leave. I gave to our Philippina maid 3 months’ salaries and told her that she should go to her embassy (Asian and African officials were organising mass evacuations). The poor thing was crying so hard. I exchanged my wife’s car, a Chevrolet Caprice Classic, to a Daihatsu Rocky a Palestinian colleague had. This would normally be a dumb deal, as the Chevy was worth 4 times the Daihatsu. But I needed a 4X4 vehicle to escape through the desert. With most of my last Dinars I bought essential spare parts, two cans of motor oil and a tank of gasoline at the black market. I bid farewell and good luck to the families that remained hidden, and one early dawn in early October I headed a convoy of 6 trucks south to Saudi Arabia. I had gotten a makeshift “map” from a Swedish photographer who used to race in desert rallies a few years back and now pieced together escape convoys (an aside: why wouldn’t he himself leave?… He was in love with an Indian girl who had not left the country yet… ah, the power of love).

The story is not too long (around 3 pages) and interesting all the way through.
Check it out [Here]

Photo above from Kuwait Invasion: The Evidence.

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  1. Ryok says:

    Hi there :)

    The link is not working
    I tried opening it with the app and safari and failed

    • Mark says:

      For some reason the link doesn’t work on mobile phones, just desktop browsers. If you’re using chrome on your iPhone select the option to request for desktop site in the menu.

  2. Beejay says:

    thanks for sharing..

  3. Dennis says:

    link works on PC…this one is a gripping good read..

    • Mark says:

      Just to add to the story. The Swedish photographer mentioned in the excerpt I posted was actually a German and he ended up marrying the Indian lady and they’re now living happily in Dubai and have two kids.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wonder what happened to all those people who went into the desert and were never heard from again.

  5. Taz says:

    Amazing and touching story…memories memories memories… I was a little kid when that happened and I remember waking up and going to the living room to see my parents at home (they used to go to work on Thursday) so I asked; why are you at home today? and the shocking answer was “Iraq invaded Kuwait”…

    This invasion changed the lives of many people forever…

  6. Security Adviser says:

    Yes it did.. and thanks to it we learn to appreciate and value the little things in life. Something as simple as a battery that today would be thrown and replaced was considered gold and used sparingly in those days.

  7. Nicolas says:

    “Johnny Walker was walking down throats” :S

    Good old days!

  8. TJC Films says:

    I think this is it. They made it an episode of locked up abroad

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