Holiday Inn is Happy

Post by Mark

This is way way better than their extremely awkward flashmob from a couple of years back. [YouTube]

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  1. Oren says:

    This video reminds me of pre-civil rights movement America when black people had to entertain white folks by putting on a great big fake smile & dancing on stage just to pander to their supremacist audience. Holiday Inn are just jumping on the bandwagon with this video & shamelessly exploiting their underpaid third world workers who are most likely not happy at all. I actually shed tears while watching this. Sorry for the negativity guys, I just feel nothing but sympathy for these under represented people.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think holiday inn is exploiting their workers. I think this is part of a team building exercise and the people in the video look like they’re having a world of fun so don’t know why you would assume they were forced to this.

      • Oren says:

        That’s just the impression I got off this video.

      • Oren says:

        Again, sorry for the negativity, I’m just very passionate about this issue. I actually hope to G-d you’re right about them having a world of fun & that I’m wrong. THAT would make me happy! :) irrelevant side note: check out Dakar, Senegal’s “Happy” video, watching a Senegalese woman vogue to “Happy” made my month! “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof….” Have a great weekend, everyone!

        • Marcel says:

          Btw. Blackface was racism.
          It’s racism as white actors characterize black people as funny and entertaining, same way also a monkey can be.
          De-humanizing black (or any-) people was than- and still is wrong and plain racism.
          When you look at these Blackface-clips now -in the current time- are they sincere too embarrassing to watch.

          But these movies are also the historical proof of an important part of the shared history of black and white people which never must be denied or forgotten. In sake of humanity.
          What have we learned from our recent past so far? Just look around and you’ll see that history repeats itself over and over again.

          When you refer in you first line to black artists performing for a ‘supremacist audience’, your facts are incorrect and further in your comments you also accuse the only 3 parties who would most likely not react on your comment in the first place.
          -First, Holiday Inn, which you via proxy accuse of inhumane practices. Based on the fact that ‘’ve heard how other hotels and companies treat their staff.’
          Quite a heavy accusation with nothing to support your claim.
          -Second, the Holiday Inn staff- members who appear in the clip. If I follow your logic they are all just faking and suffer from an Uncle-Tom-ing disorder.
          -Third, the whites. Everybody knows that only whites are racist. Racist by birth. Nobody will deny that. An easy bet.

          Though from the positive side. Times have changed and now real black performers are on stage instead of whites (..who can’t dance anyway).
          And this new generation of black artists love to perform for any audience, who’re eager to pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket.
          Nowadays they use fancy artists-names like Beyonce, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Miss Ellie(?)….

          You don’t have to feel pity for them. As well as for the staff-members of Holiday-Inn.
          Until proven otherwise is there nothing wrong with their version of the ‘Happy’ song.

          Your intentions are good, I’m sure. Don’t change that.

    • Marcel says:

      Those artists were not black, but whites using theatrical makeup to represent a black person. This phenomenon was called Blackface and some did find it offensive because it could imply stereotyped caricature of black people.

      A good example is ‘The Jazz Singer’ (1926), a famous movie with Al Johnson as a Blackface performer.

  2. Tee says:

    This song needs to die already.

  3. UCF says:

    talented barista !!

  4. Words cannot describe the awkwardness in this video.

  5. jiminy says:

    One of the few ‘happy’ things i suspect might actually be genuine. and DAMN can that dude juggle! props

  6. someone says:

    take a chill pill people! its a nice video, just enjoy it!

    • Oren says:

      it looks nice on the outside but……..behind the scenes, we’re not so sure……..who knows? maybe they are genuinely happy, but based on the handling of many of these workers in other companies/hotels I suspect not…..anyway…

  7. Neo says:

    Definitely a lot better than their Flash Mob Video!

    Great Going Team Holiday Inn !!!

  8. Mary says:

    Some one needs to get that man a bartender job stat. Oh wait…..

  9. TJC Films says:

    I liked the Star Wars Kid Pool Cleaner moment

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