Why expats can’t own pick up trucks

Post by Mark


A friend of mine was asking me the other day why expats can’t own pickup trucks and by coincidence the blogger crazyinkuwait posted an article from Kuwait Times on this topic. So if you’ve always wondered why expats can’t own pickups, check out her post [Here]

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  1. Lucky_dude says:

    Lol that’s silly I’m sure a minibus, van, SUV can carry more goods/people than a truck. Time to get ride of this outdated law.

  2. th says:

    Pickup trucks were used to transport people in the early 1980s. I dont think an expat who buys a Raptor today would buy one to transport people! Its high time that this law be changed.

    And as per the salesmen advise to register it on the name of any Kuwaiti or a company; how does an expat get the “tasriya”?

  3. th says:

    Also if im not mistaken UAE, Bahrain have no such law

  4. Instead they transport 15 guys in an old suburban or 6 guys to a taxi, yet that is ‘legal’ I guess? Hey Mark my man you left out the ‘c’ in trucks. They also use company pickup trucks to haul around workers and what about the guys who move your furniture? They are using trucks?

    • Mark says:

      Thanks fixed it

    • 3azeez says:

      Its illegal to transport 15 guys in a suburban or 6 in a 4 passengers taxi. That is why police often stop and fine… taxis get away most of the times cuz the companies are owned by people work in the Ministry of interior. Yet you still see people doing it, exactly the same way you see expats owning and driving trucks and mini buses. People find ways around things.

  5. Ahmed says:

    If anybody is carrying slaves in a back of pickup truck, I don’t think its going to be an expat driving.

  6. Thomas says:

    Source is Kuwait Times, blud.

  7. Ian says:

    We cannot buy a pick up truck, I am flabbergasted…is it because we possess taste?

  8. I never knew that! shocking

  9. Abdul says:

    looks like the blog referred has copy pasted from Kwuait times.the same wording same story referred to.not exactly to be called a blog.

  10. Nunya says:

    This law is a joke. The whole thing stinks. Just make it so that if you want a pick up licence ADDED TO YOUR EXISTING LICENCE all you have to do is sit a test on how to secure and carry a load, how to find the carrying weight of your vehicle, legal over-hang dimensions and what to do if you must exceed these dimensions (eg: red flags, etc,) and what you can and cannot transport in the back. It’s the law, right?
    Look, I can drive a pick up back home, and I want one here- I’m sick of being at the mercy of those damn Lorry drivers. How the hell can they drive those and I can’t drive a bloody Ute?! Ridiculous.

    • 3azeez says:

      Its not about whether you can or cannot drive it. The issue is that most (like 99.9%) of expats who buy pickup trucks in Kuwait end up using them illegally for their “own personal” business. Like carrying stuff around for certain amount of money. This is illegal. This is considered business. You need to be licensed business to do this.

      Basically what they did was ban expats from owning pickup trucks and other certain types of vehicles and grant them licenses to operate them only under certain conditions (like his job contract is a driver for a company etc).

      With that being said… if an expat is doing well in Kuwait and just want to have a cool pickup truck to drive around rather than use it for business, I’m sure they offer some kind of exception. After all, this is Kuwait.

  11. Areej ASB says:

    I only found out about this law after I married my American husband. Had I known, I probably wouldn’t have married him :P #unreal

  12. Joe says:

    Yet another retarded rule that I myself found out 1.5 year ago when wanting to buy the Chevy Avalanche or the GMC Sierra Denali………..

  13. Ashraf says:

    I’ve always wondered why… it never made sense…
    now I know why… it still doesnt make sense :P

  14. Abdul says:

    the driver looks badass in pickups,maybe they didnt wanted the expats to be the badasses in Kuwait.Only for Kuwaitis.

  15. John says:

    Dang! I’ve always wanted a Ford Raptor…oh well, might as well get an Expedition with a Raptor grille then maybe lift it.


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