The Avenues launch new ugly logo

Post by Mark

Their old logo (above) was not that great but their new one (below) is just horrible. They should have just hired the agency that did the 360 Mall branding.

Getting close to the opening of The Avenues new districts and our plans for future expansion of The Avenues we created a new iconic logo with a distinct personality that conveys a more abstract thought of simplicity and boldness. It’s an interactive logo with maximum flexibility for messaging.

Iconic? Don’t think so.

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  1. gargoyle says:

    you do realize that it looks like yours ? just a different color.

  2. Chris says:

    w t f just happened.. that fits mahameed more

  3. Patrick says:

    I can imagine how the brainstorming session (if there was one) went:

    “Let’s create an iconic logo!”

    “What’s more iconic than Helvetica!?”

    “Helvetica 87 Heavy Condensed!”

  4. Kuwaitiful says:

    That’s a pretty terrible logo. They should have put a cigarette somewhere to show how much people smoke in the Avenues. It sometimes stinks.

    • Joe says:

      Yeah, and put up a picture picture of a lit cigarette and “thumbs up” sign. I avoid going to Avenues if my kids are with me because they allow smoking in the mall.

  5. M7md Ghazi says:

    a 8 years old kid can do a better logo !
    look like a logo for a nursery to me

  6. Keith says:

    Seems like somebody in marketing has managed to sell them a whole lot of hogwash. Is there more to this logo?……………….On second thought forget it, it’s just such a waste of time.

  7. Mark says:

    Having a hard time deciding if this is worse than Symphony Mall’s Doctor Zoidberg’s claw logo.

  8. Ash says:

    This looks like something a 12 year girl would make, it’s just missing a magazine cut-out of that 1Direction band and glitter.

  9. Moey says:

    This is insane…

  10. Nand says:

    Please change There to “Their”. The first word hence looks obvious..

  11. Sara Al Mukaimy says:

    Unfortunately no good thinking was put behind in and defiantly lacks creativity! I wonder what happened!!

  12. Marcopolo says:

    That’s one ugly logo..
    Could have updated the old one with new colors myself and that’s it

  13. Rehab says:

    The designer got inspired by Windows Metro style !

  14. Faris says:

    I simply don’t understand why a company changes its logo for no reason…

  15. F_Q8 says:

    min 9ijhom?

  16. desert sky says:

    Looks like it was done in MS Paint.

  17. Ahmed says:

    Looks like a logo for some crappy indie magazine.

  18. AR says:

    Truly Amateurish ! Maybe they will rescind and change when the realisation of what they are doing dawns on them. All they really need is a beautiful A or AM to get there . There’s always hope ! Remember how the Burj became taller after huge engineering redesigns midway thru construction. ? This is so much easier … Just one signature from the top ! And a days work at the agency !

  19. 3aziz says:

    i like it!

  20. Jafar says:

    Horrible ! Note To Avenues: Gimme a chance. i can give u better options

  21. Jo Ryan says:

    that’s not a logo. That’s a straight copy of Selfridges sale POS… Horrible. Why did they need to change it?

  22. D. says:

    I think the scariest part is where this had to have gone through multiple people to get approved.

  23. D. says:

    Also, the “place to be” bit reminds me of that old Hungry Bunny ad.

  24. Arrgh says:

    the lines are straight for this logo, at least I can say it has more proportion than any shit I took on the toilet.

    Good job marketing team.

  25. BuYousef says:

    So even after privatisation Kuwait will still produce these wonderful surprises…

  26. THAT SLOGAN! LOL so mean what the hell are you serious “the place to be” that sounds a typical name for Toys R Us…

  27. بو_جاسم says:

    This indeed.

  28. G says:

    The old one looks waaayyy better, you’d think a place like that would put a little more effort in their logo.

    الله يحفظج يالكويت

  29. Fatami says:

    omg it seriously looks like it was made by an 8 year old. too bad. :(

  30. Kash says:

    It’s not even 1st of April yet.

  31. The Real Burhan says:


    No words to describe it, but this comes close:

  32. Unique says:

    Such a cheap design!
    Even i can do better than this

  33. Alya says:

    This looks like it was made with Microsoft Paint.

  34. Randy says:

    The Avenues called it simple yet bold. I call it BORING and WEAK *yawn*

  35. mocman says:

    Careful. you don’t wanna get sued again.

  36. Marcel says:

    56 comments on a logo

  37. h says:

    MY EYES!! MY EYES!! I can’t look away, I must burn my retinas.

  38. PedroDashT says:

    it looks like its created with paint in windows XP

  39. Rehab says:

    The creator of the earlier logo might be reading out comments and mocking the new logo !

  40. FAMAJAH says:

    Damn, that is a disgusting logo…

  41. L'Avenues does a Zaina says:

    The most number of comments on a non food related post. Wow! I like that.
    The creative director responsible for this iconic pornography was thinking all along- Never judge a package by its cover.They have a special treat awaiting you when you actually come visit the new Avenues and are blown away by its majestic splendor and all, so that the logo then becomes beside the point.
    Either that or the ad agency is from Dubai where more time is spent drinking and shagging than ideating at work

    • Patrick says:

      Unless the special treat is revealing an actual logo, then the creative director failed at actually creating anything of quality.

      Also, pretty sure this isn’t close to being the most commented on post lol

  42. Ahmed AG says:


  43. h says:

    Wait I demand a change back to the old logo. I as a frequenter of the avenues will now refuse to enter the mall based solely on principle of this hideous LOGO! it reads “lack of funding for upkeep” of the mall graphic artist and speaks of the lack of upkeep for the entire mall.

  44. Abdullah says:

    I can do better than that

  45. Klakooo says:

    The smart move for their team now is to apologize and retract the logo back to the original brand.

    The Gap returned back to their old logo after their catastrophic rebranding and after they realized the horrendous mistake they made. I hope the avenues team is courageous enough to do the same!

  46. Shock and Awe! says:

    I am first shocked at the logo and just when I have all but given up on them I am awed by the grandeur and scale of the Avenues phase 3 design. So yes, if the brief was to shock and awe then the designer is simply brill!

  47. Shock and Awe! says:

    They had quite a smashing logo to begin with.The new brand identity is way too Bahrain-esque.
    Encore, are we thinking an orange revolution here??

  48. qeight says:

    The old logo looked like a music festival, the new one looks like a 7 yo designed.

  49. Ramez says:

    – Magenta Sucks “Big Time”
    – Arabic is Centered in the shape but the English is Left aligned.
    – font is very bad

  50. Blake says:

    I’ve seen better logos than this

  51. strumming says:

    Bakala boutique.

  52. Desert Girl says:

    The place to be… a discount store.

    At least the last one was classy.

    What WERE YA THINKIN Mr. Mohammed Al-Shaya? Dayum!


  53. we are all same same except we are different says:

    It’s not the end of the world still. As a cop out they can always go back to their old logo and have a red piano placed in the central hall. End of story; chapter closed.

  54. Zaydoun says:

    This logo is more worthy of City Centre than Avenues

  55. Q8Path says:

    The old logo is much better than the new one. It looks shaped and adding text above it.
    Well still don’t know there upcoming strategy behind the new logo.

  56. String says:

    Its taken me 5 years of daily reading this blog before i make my first comment. This logo is absolutely ridiculous and its just sad to see The Avenues which in many ways boosted the country ending up with a logo which looks less creative and professional than most stationary shops in Hawalli let alone a top class mall . I hope they fix this as its frankly an embarassment and such ashame to see it head down this route.

  57. Storm in a Teacup says:

    It’s a bit freaky that the management at Avenues has maintained a stoic silence over this rough-and-tumble in the Kuwaiti blogosphere.
    All I know is I want for them to put up a piano in the courtyard, and it has to be aubergine in color too.

  58. Kk284 says:

    Did any of ya’ll realize that this logo is based on the old Kuwait flag? So any of you lot who have a problem with are kinda bashing the simple beauty of the old Kuwaiti flag. Please refrain from doing so now that you know.

    • Ali Sleeq says:

      I’m sorry, show me where the new logo uses the old Kuwaiti flag as a reference.

      And, if you are so nationalistic about your country, you should hate the fact this logo is using your country’s flag to sell their brand.

      • kk284 says:

        Ali its obvious my friend…just look at the old Kuwaiti Flag and look at this one..same template…it would’ve looked silly if they put english and arabic in the same rectangle.

        Its not about nationalism its about respecting the flag. The Avenues isn’t in anyways insulting the flag by using it as an inspiration, in fact the logo has much more meaning then if done by some random design firm from the west or abroad, and just making something that looks ‘pretty’isn’t good enough.

        If you think about it the avenues is the modern ‘souk’ where all of Kuwait converges (like it or not) same as the old souk in the old times…so using the flag as inspiration is a bit of rose tinted nostalgia : )

        • Ali Sleeq says:

          Just so we are on the same page… you mean the flag that’s all red and has “Kuwait” in Arabic on it? If yes, I don’t see what you are talking about.

          And over-analyzing a logo (a crappy one at that) won’t get you anywhere. It’s a poorly designed logo that corporate boards and yes-men approved. There is no “inspiration”, just laziness.

          • kk284 says:

            Ali you are probably right: ) but i love the old Kuwait flag and anything that reminds of it, which this logo does, I am a fan of : ) On a related who really cares about a mall logo…as long as the shopping selection is awesome…they need an ice rink like yesterday! : )

  59. David Rempel says:

    The Avenues’ new logo is not even a logo – it has too many disparate elements, the fonts and design are unmemorable, and it is completely without character or style. It is just text within blocks of colour – and the forgettable slogan is just loosely tossed into a text-box, but not resized to fit! This is either a case of rampant nepotism or the perfect example of group-think.

  60. Sarah says:

    Other than the fact that the public does not like the logo, it has obvious mistakes regarding the relationship between the English and Arabic typefaces. They’re at different length and width which is a big no no in graphic design industry. Not much thought was put into the logo whatsoever. And the colors? Come on?

    On the other hand, the 360 branding, or lets just say the “Logo” is good, no question about tha. But about it being a logo for a shopping mall? I don’t think so! The very thin serif typeface is not very clear being placed outside the mall (specially at night time).

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