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That’s the line at Cheesecake Factory.

Thanks Dr

Update: Here’s another shot from a different angle

Thanks Laila

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  1. Samuel says:

    Lucky me, I did not have to wait in line!!!
    BTW their food portion is colossal.

  2. bumo says:

    What an artistic diagonal photograph.

  3. id says:

    Follow the sheep!!!

  4. q8expat says:

    Oh swell, might as well wait till next year.. for the hype to run thru…. then tables would be available but…….portions would be smaller.. ;)

  5. Al-Marzouq says:

    OMG, its gonna be another slider station / cocoa room. a PLace I wont ever visit… I hate how quickly places get crowded in Kuwait

  6. the real says:

    Sliderstation has 5 seats, this will have around 500….nothing like it.

  7. L says:

    Look at that line! Its just like when Pinkberry first opened with queues that stretched for miles. Guess it’ll be a few months before I’m able to get a table here.

    How is the cheesecake factory price wise? Is it similar to Chilis and TGIF?

  8. Mathai says:

    C’mon Kuwait! We can’t be far off now!
    *patiently waits for Hooters to open in Avenues Phase 7*

  9. Rehab says:

    Same was the situation when pinkberry was launched in Kuwait.

    It felt as if there is some offer or they are giving free food ! Huge rush

  10. Al-Marzouq says:

    who remembers when Mcdonalds first opened? it was worse the Eid

  11. dezrtninja says:

    lots of comments and criticism are being put out there both good and bad. However nobody even mentioned that MH Alshaya is doing a good job in bringing quality brands and more choices to the country and region. They are one of the few companies that works at a high international standard in Kuwait.

    And before the haters out there accuse me of being a fan boy or make wild statements about the company. Lets take a moment to think about the job that they do and the products and services that they bring. You don’t have to love them, you don’t have to even like them, but there is no reason to work against them. Good job MH Alshaya. I for one like having more choices.

  12. Bubba Gumps pretty please.

  13. Nixon says:

    my friend said he had to wait 70 minutes in line.

  14. someone says:

    what a bunch of dumbness !!!

  15. Snooky Ookums says:

    …..and where and when does it end ?

  16. Rick says:

    Its sad to see people who are not poor, so desperate that their willing to wait in a long line just for food.

  17. @H_Alshayji says:

    I was there today and i have to say something about my visit

    First i’m Going to talk about Phase 3
    it was Very cool and Great to have an indoor mall with the Out door look. I felt like being in a different place GREAT.

    I waited for only 30 Mins because we’re a party of two.

    the Portion size was BIG and my tip to you don’t Go crazy when you order because their portion size is bigger than chilis.

    the prices are Cool we had 2 main dishes,2 cokes and 2 appetizers + a slice of a cake. our total was 24.250KD so it’s almost as chilis for two persons but we didn’t finish any dish !!

    the Food was OK Not great but Good

    But the Cake is the whole story i’m thinking for next time go eat a cake and leave.

    another tip for you guys Go in a small parties don’t go with a big party because they will keeps you waiting more and more than 30 mins .

    I hope you benefit from my Review
    Thank you

  18. mocman says:

    Should have named the post


  19. I just hope they don’t forget about it later on…like Pinkberry, PF. Changs or Shake Shack..I can remember when Pinkberry first its 2 people on the line :/

    • One thing is missing btw..Red Lobster!

      • Coffers says:

        red lobster is upstairs and the food depends on what you order… i got the bang bang chicken and shrimp it was really good… definite worth it, the 75 minutes wait for party of two is excessive, but you have to factor in the number of people dining there for the first time, taking their time to order etc. At least it wasn’t like the complete muckup of Taco bell when they first opened, and this is a full fledged restaurant with a big variety in their menu.

      • aaa says:

        It’s here and it was bad

  20. The Avenues Project says:

    Shifting gears slightly, CNN spotlight this US election week is actually on Kuwait where they are supposedly doing a feature on what they call the fattest nation on the planet: “Losing Weight in Kuwait,” as part of their Inside the Middle East show. It’s on air this Sunday, 11 Nov at 15.30 hrs. Should be interesting what Zain Verje has to make of these food lines.

  21. jaquar knee says:

    haven’t everyone notice that every time alshaya open a restaurant this long queue appear
    other restaurant don’t get this queues

    something fishy about it

  22. Samuel says:

    Come on KUWAIT,
    1. Dairy queen
    2. denny’s
    3. Cold stone creamery
    4. A&W restaurants
    5. Ben&Jerry’s
    6. Pappa Murphy’s take N bake
    7. Sonic drive in res.
    8. Arby’s
    9. Aunty anne’s pretzels
    10. MOOYAH burger to go……
    You can do it Kuwait then only will our appetite be satisfied or else we won’t be able to sleep at night!!!

  23. Tom says:

    I understand that other chain restaurants have opened in the new wing at the Grand Avenue, such as, Red Lobster, Texas Road House, and they moved Potbelly (which I don’t think is doing well because the mid-east is not a sandwich and soup crowd), can you post pictures of those? Your website is a business informative blog for Kuwait. Also, I was informed that this wing is trying to incorporate ‘customer service’ with a western flair in shops in this area which is a welcomed breath of fresh air in the Kuwait market. We’ll have to see if that is temporary or if it is an established trend that is long overdue. There are actually western sales clerks and wait staff at the restaurants, but I am not sure if they are temps to train the staff and go back to Dubai or are permanently living in Kuwait? Entertainment is key to a successful mall, so we’ll also have to see if they have entertainment throughout the Grand Avenues for customers. Entertainment boosts sales – a known fact.

    • Samuel says:

      They will be going back to Dubai by the end of December.The staffs over here are just for training purpose.

      • Tom says:

        Figures…..suck it up Kuwait because there will be no customer service with a pleasant demeaner after December – we go back to status quo.

  24. Ali Sleeq says:

    More food joints please. I don’t know what else to stuff my face with.

  25. Samuel says:

    Good old shwarma.All the way.

  26. Bahaar says:

    What Avenues Management Must do asp is to dig another level underground or come up with a plan to add 1000+ parking space to the mall. Because these days over crowded avenues becomes a “ Place to avoid” rather than a “ place to be”.

    • Mark says:

      they just did that with phase III

    • @H_Alshayji says:

      iliked what Bahaar said “Place To avoid” yes they need a way out because all the exits are to one street and that street is very busy street and you’ll stuck in the traffic for sure !! i want to be in a place where you can exit easily with No traffic on my way out.

    • cajie says:

      +1000 (likes, not parking spaces)
      During the evenings (especially on weekends) it is definitely a “place to avoid” for me. Driving around in circles for 1 hour trying to find a parking spot is not my idea of spending productive time.

  27. TweeZ says:

    Hey people, Jesus is in town. Line up for your miracle!!!

    WTF!Get a life Kuwait. You see that the place is packed and yet you start a limbo line. Yeah right, like people are gonna be eating any faster.

  28. crazyinkuwait says:

    This is one of the places I will pass up, I went to the Rodeo Drive location in California and didn’t care for it. Texas Roadhouse to open on Saturday as for Red Lobster and Olive Garden no date yet, that’s the ones I’m waiting for. The other brands besides Victoria’s Secret are British so I don’t care for them. 2 Bras for 18 bucks in the US and they are 2 for 18 KD here. I wish they would make a new phase with American brands. Lane Bryant, Armani Exchange,El Torito, In-n-out… man we are going to see an increase in obesity for real!

  29. Ahmad says:

    How about franchising Dubai ? Seriously think about it …

  30. Red V says:

    Darn It no Alshaya Haters in this thread , come on trolls !

  31. q8expat says:

    Like the fact there are people with shopping carts to buy stuff from the FACTORY

  32. bask says:

    This is just Sad!! simply put….

  33. Mystery says:

    BASNAAAAAAAAAAA AKEL!!!!! btw, TCF is HORRIBLE in the US, nothing much really… people here just have 0 taste, and are only going because of all the fuss! I salute Alshaya for great media marketing ONLY.

  34. It can happen only in Kuwait says:

    Wonder if there will be similar serpentine lines at the opening of the Prada boutique in 360?! Husbands and boyfriends beware.

  35. Samer says:

    Can Alshaya bring a chain store that doesn’t promote obesity or lavish lifestyles? Fucking bring Kinokuniya or Barnes and Nobels or Guitarcenter or Gamestop or fucking Weightwatchers?

    • Samer says:

      Ok I realize that sounds a little bit bratty, but seriously, can’t they?

    • aaa says:

      All of those companies are going bankrupt fast FYI, non-digital media is dying.

      Also GameStop was a piece of shit not sure why you’d want it over Rihab.

      And there are LOADS of weight loss things here. Looks like someone is a victim of brand name marketing.

  36. Blink says:

    Lol it’s cool, I don’t think Kuwaitis are fat enough anyway.

  37. TiminKuwait says:

    I love me some Cheesecake Factory but not enough to wait in line!! I sat at Gaucho Grill on Friday and watched as people didn’t get in before I finished my meal.

  38. strumming says:

    Aren’t they embarrassed to openly expose themselves as lining up like that?

  39. Tjcfilms says:

    Lol look at that line. Thank god I went on the friends and family soft opening. I love the place but not enough to languish in that line.

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