Pneumatic_Grove by StudioToggle

Post by Mark

StudioToggle is a design studio for Kuwaiti architect Hend Almatrouk and Gijo Paul George. They’re the same team behind the coolest movie theater design I’ve ever seen which I posted about last year.

The same team have now created a temporary pavilion called Pneumatic_Grove, which they’ve installed infront of the National Library of Kuwait facing the Gulf Road. It is part of the Housing Sessions conference which started a few days back at the National Library. The pavilion is an urban intervention which comments about the inaccessible landscapes of Kuwait. The official opening for the pavilion was two days back but it will be running until tomorrow the 8th of November. If you’re also interested, they’re having panel discussion about the pavilion today at 4PM as well.

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  1. lloyd_911 says:

    Fancy name…..and looks…does the exhibit do anything?

    • Arrgh says:

      It looks like series of inflated balloons. Maybe it’s a subliminal message on safe sex, and not have accidental pregnancies which are ruining society with little trouble makers… Especially disrupting the peace in theatres. That’s how I interpreted it. It’s a very metropolitan statement in a conservative country. Bravo.

  2. KG says:

    So whats so special about these balloons?

  3. Gnlstryker says:

    It feels more like people stuck in concrete jungles of skyscrapers. How we are overcrowded with buildings and no space for nature.

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