The coolest cinema in the world is designed by a Kuwaiti

Post by Mark

The rendering above is of the new design for the Pushkinsky cinema in Moscow. It was designed by architect Hend Almatrouk and Gijo Paul George. I’ve never seen anything that looks like it and I also hadn’t heard of Hend before. I was just checking out her blog and she’s got a lot of crazy stuff. Here are some related links:

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Hend Almatrouk on YesYous
Hend’s Blog

Thanks Mohammad

Update: Hend sent me an email saying that she has a design studio which she started with her partner Gijo Paul George called “Studio_Toggle”. They’ve got better quality shots on their studio’s website so check it out [Here]

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  1. sallom says:


  2. mariam says:

    Why don’t Kuwaitis ever design cool buildings in their own country?

    • Shalth says:

      Because they get no respect in their country! and they bring some designers from foreign countries to spend more money!

    • Kojak says:

      This type cost money and you know your friends dude! $$$$$$

    • Ms. Neutral says:

      So true Mariam – it seems Kuwaitis don’t want their country to progress – they have soooo many investments outside, which is a good thing – but it does make me wonder what they really think!

    • Alanood says:

      We have tons of Kuwaiti talented people, but no one of those who are in charge give them the right chance to show their talents.

      This is our problem for ages.

    • enigma says:

      Because here in Kuwait if someone wants to build a new project they want to show off with “DESIGNED BY ITALIAN ARCHITECT”

  3. jasoom says:

    Her brother is a robot designer

    i saw the details after clicking on the pdf file

  4. khurram says:

    I’ll be saddened if they replace the Pushkinski theatre with this new-age sci-fi star wars looking spaceship.

    It just doesn’t fit the vintage Tretyakovskay street with pre WW2 architecture all around.

  5. Sarah Taqi says:

    Thats so cool and creative, best of luck hanoda!! Cant wait to see ur designs in town.

  6. Nasser Marafi says:

    Who designed the Structure? Has this actually been built?

  7. jes says:

    gijo paul george? sound like a malayali indian

  8. jes says:

    update: found him…hehehe…from cochin

  9. daily says:

    Good family- well educated girls….a credit to their country.

  10. Del says:

    gijopaulgeorge..yep, he is a mallu

  11. Mohammad says:

    Your welcome Mark, I’m glad that you liked it xD

  12. Shesalfah says:

    keep it up hanooo :*******

  13. Anonymous says:

    Makes me feel very proud. All the best!

  14. Samor says:

    You’ve Always Been The BEST Sis ;**** !!!!! <3
    And The design is AMAZING just Like the One's Who Made it ;D
    love You Guys !! ;**

  15. mohammed al-aslawi says:

    Am sure Gijo would be happy to read all those comments,way to go buddy!

  16. d. says:

    Mark do you know where her office is? is it in Kuwait or abroad?

  17. zoz says:

    Gooood job hend wish you all the best and am soo happy for you! ;***
    Good luck ;D

  18. YM965 says:

    The design looks like its from outer space

  19. Manayer says:

    Hope to see more architects coming up with marvelous ideas after this ;)

  20. boba7ar says:

    Mashala she’s my friend sister o alah yewafeg-ha o yestahlon kil5air :)

  21. enigma says:

    Her blog has some pretty cool stuff, wish her the best and hope to see her put her mark on the international architectural scene.

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