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Baskin Robbins new logo

This is something I wanted to post about ages ago and I actually thought I had but seems I never did. Most of you by now have probably seen the new rebranded Baskin Robbins at the Marina Mall food court. I really dislike their new logo, I don’t like the new colors and I don’t like the new typeface. Maybe they are trying to target young children and thats why they rebranded but as an adult I prefer the older cleaner looking logo. I actually think the new logo reminds me of Halloween for some reason..

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  1. Susan says:

    It looks similar the the Calvin & Hobbs font. I think it is clever the way they have incorporated the ’31’.

  2. tj says:

    Its similar to Tim Burtons “the nightmare before christmas” typeface which is why it reminds you of Halloween. Not as good as the old one though

  3. holla says:

    oh dear their new logo looks all kiddie and shit. wtf at first i thought the 31 between the last and first letters of baskin robbins but then i realised the they are just in the R!!!! who is the designer genius that thought of that! this makes the logo convulated and absolutely bullshit.

    BASKIN B ROBBINS is what it looks like.

  4. holla says:

    ok oh sorry i got it all wrong, it’s jsut baskin robbins like B31R oh shit deseigner man so clever me am so dumb. it’s still slightly confusing and looks like shit.

  5. Windwalker says:

    what new colors are you talking about mark?

    they use the exact same 2 colours as with the old trademark. you mean the design right?

  6. Mark says:

    yup u r right, they are the same colors they just look darker in the new logo.

  7. Windwalker says:

    “ok oh sorry i got it all wrong, it’s jsut baskin robbins like B31R oh shit deseigner man so clever me am so dumb. it’s still slightly confusing and looks like shit. ”

    lol you are funny, wanna meet in real life for some coffee or sumthing? could use a laugh u know

  8. purgatory72 says:

    I think its good.

  9. mooodi says:

    I was used to the old one, this one’s ruined their rep as a humble company now.

  10. Carlsb3rg says:

    ِAnd who’s not gonna eat BR anymore because they changed their log?

  11. Danny says:

    Mark, I totally agree with you, classics shouldn’t be messed with.

  12. holla says:

    windwalker you in kwt? i was under the impression that you were in aussieland. we should all meet up in…MARK’S APT!!! hahahaah

  13. Mark says:

    sure sounds cool, and i will invite Golnar from NBK

  14. Carlsb3rg says:

    Why don’t you all dine at Pizza hut? Mark’s got a free meal invitation doesnt he? ;p

  15. holla says:

    we can sit in pizza hut and use my cancelled MTC GPRS on my laptop.

  16. browser says:

    are they allowed to do that? first off i agree too the original is just the original, looks better! but here in canada all the signs are still the same, are they changing it all over kuwait or just that one in marina?!
    nooo clue why this sparked my interest! lol

  17. Mark says:

    I have seen the logo only in one place only in marina

  18. Jaime & Scott says:

    This logo made me confused first, sad that it had changed second, and thirdly mad at the people who decided to go this way. It looks so cheesy, inappropriate for the type of business it is, the font Variex, has sharp angles and edges which definitely do not say comfort or welcoming. Its a sad day for designers, and worse for the people who love Baskin Robbins. I went in and I felt like I was at the 99 cent store, very cheap and cheesy… : (

  19. Jo Baum says:

    Irritating. Looks like a roller coaster. Where is corporate common sense?

  20. BR says:

    I think the Logo is FUN for The new generation yeah older People are gonna b upset with the new look because they grew up with the old but I think Its time for a Change The New logo will also help the friendly Competition with Coldstone…

  21. Gary says:

    Hi all –
    As a corporate employee of Baskin Robbins, I was interested in the comments about our new logo. I can tell you that the motivation to contemporize the look is to better compete in the market against the onslaught of new competition as well as to stay current for all generations. Foodservice companies typically refresh their look every 7 years. BR is going on 15 years since the last update!
    For those of you who don’t like the new look, I hope you’ll see that the same great flavors and treats that you have come to love are still there along with some great new menu items.
    AND here’s a little insight – stay tuned for something REALLY big from BR coming in April, 2008 – YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!
    Gary Pahl
    Business Development Manager
    Baskin Robbins,Inc

  22. alan gustafson says:

    I just watched your latest commercial that shows a father shooting his son with a water hose . I seems to be stronger than a regular water hose. I think this is terrible advertising and my wife was very disgusted seeing it. Having been in the advertising business for for thirty years , I have never seen anything like this. If this is to get kids to go to B & R , I seriously doubt it. How this ad was approved by corporate , I do not know.

  23. Keith says:

    I have to agree with Alan. I’ve been in advertising for 14 years and BR’s commercial showing the father blasting the son with a powerful waterhose is too much. Although surely it is merely acting and there were things in place on set to ensure the child actor’s safety, it still looks like child endangerment. Not a great ad…how did it get air time?

  24. Rene says:

    “Billy” was not hurt in any way & actually had a great time filming this. It’s his favorite commercial.

  25. Leonard says:

    Might not be the right forum, but with all the money they’ve invested in the brilliant new logo, they’ve abandoned things like flavor and quality, probably at the behest of cost-cutting squeezes by their new masters – private equity firms Carlyle and Bain. While I like what private equity does for business, in BR’s case they have hurt the franchise. We’ve been to several locations over the past year and we see visibly smaller servings now and rampant freezer burn. Along with an utter lack of taste, my ice cream last night even had ice crystals! It’s a shame, really. A logo can’t save a company.

  26. nic says:

    hey guys The new logo is heaps better that the old one (that is way out dated) I have work in a few stores now. It is fun and trendy and an awesome place to work. (so much so we are looking at buying one )

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