In-N-Out were in Dubai

Post by Mark

Based on the newspaper grab above it looks like there was some sort of In-N-Out tasting event that took place in Dubai. Is this a sign they might finally be opening up shop in the region?

Photo by @sambyi via Moey

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  1. Really? That would be awesome if they brought it to the Gulf region. I’m from Cali so give me one animal style burger, fries and a strawberry shake ASAP!!! My sister’s first job was at In-n-Out so she knows their secrets and special orders.

  2. George R says:

    I heard that Alghanim who have just got Costa Coffee have the franchise for the region. Some more burger competition on its ways! Live in-N-Out!

  3. SOS says:

    They’ve done thse tastings in several countries..

  4. Wishbone says:

    Can I have a falafel with cheese, hold the pickles, no mayo, some ketchup and loads of hot sauce …. Yeah make it a combo ….

    What was that? Half a dozen samosa ? … Yeah sure why not I’ll grab the extra side order ….

    How much is it ? Only $15 .. Thats fine keep the change ….

  5. adam (apparently the fake one) says:

    They have a pop-up routine that goes around the world. The fly all over, from asia to europe.

    I went to a pop-up they had in North London and spoke to the guy that was in charge of it. It’s by no means indicative of an intention to open in the region, it’s just to do market research and guage their brand awareness and market reception. They work with local distributors and vendors, many weeks ahead of time to ensure that their product is as close to their original product on the west coast.

    Apparently even in the states, the furthest east they have presence in is Texas. This is due to logistics and their focus on quality. Deffintely and awesome burger, but still doesnt top 5 guys for me.. Which apparently is opening up in Islington, London soon! Them and shake shack..

  6. Khal3d81 says:

    Booking my ticket right now to get animal fries!!!

  7. The Twitch says:

    For heavens sake

    enough of the burger joints

  8. shabasaba says:

    Had I known, I would’ve flown to Dubai for this. My wife is from LA and there is no burger in this world that compares to a double double by In N Out.

  9. zaydoun says:

    Are you sure this is authentic and not another copyright infringement, so common in our region?

  10. ًNasser says:

    As stated above they did this in the past in china and other countries that had fake in-n-out they closed them by court order and then did something like this to show people the real in-n-out experience , realize the date on this is 2 weeks ago not sure if it was this year or before cause I remember this happened in 2005-2007

  11. ME says:

    I know the owner that got that bought the franchise for the middle east
    hes a SAUDI BUSINESS MAN, hes been trying to find a location in kuwait for the past 5 months but the prices are way tooooo high, but it will open some time

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